M.I.A. – Missing Coverage

If you have been hanging around here at Islesblogger the past few weeks, you may have been asking yourself – “Where is the daily content?”. Truth be told, the west coast swing was tough to keep up with due to the time difference, not to mention the free falling nature of our beloved Islanders.

Don’t get me wrong, I watched the games and saw the important parts (Weight’s 1000th, Bailey’s first NHL goal, Smith’s first NHL goal, an Okposo point streak, Tambellini scoring – twice) – I just couldn’t muster the energy to keep the site updated.

I am back though, I needed a small break from the action and I wasn’t alone. Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track went through something similar so we will both be back in full gear.

Like many of you I read Newsday every morning with a cup of coffee. I enjoy reading and always have. What really annoys me is the Islanderd coverage in Newsday, despite a recent increase as of late (Hey Cablevision did buy the paper recently). On a night the two local teams are set to face off, neither team has an article in todays edition. The NHL once again gets brushed aside for Basketball and the ineptitude of the Giants this past weekend.

What a way to start the day.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. 1) We hear Rick DiPietro is going for another Dr. opinion on his knee? Are the isles physicians that inept that he gets cleared to play twice this year only to have set backs(he wasn’t really ready)?
    2) Its probably time to shut him down.

    • Unfortunately that appears to be the case.

      I wish they would have just shut him down months ago – now they look a tad foolish, no?

  2. It’s very sad that high school sports had a whole page in Newsday today with no mention of Rangers vs Islanders at all.

    • I couldn’t believe it honestly – especially given that there was no Rangers article either.

      I scanned the sports section three times thinking I missed something.

  3. It almost sounds like an oversight or printing screw-up — I mean how is it possible to have nothing on the game? Those responsible shall be taken out and shot.

    Glad you’re back, Mike! Everybody needs a little breather now and then…the wee-hours trip is a good time for it.

  4. Funny part is I managed to stay up for the most part – I missed a period or a few minutes here and there, I just didn’t have the energy to blog.

    As far as the paper, the only mention of hockey was a full page Islanders advertisement about ticket packages. No idea what the story was with the omission.

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