MacDonald Injured, Dunham Emergency Backup, Dubie On The Way?

Wade DubilewiczWhat a crazy night tonight, first it starts with a little news from Greg Logan about DiPietro seeking a second (or is it a third?) opinion on his swelling surgery repaired knee. The discussion shifted about the now real possibility of shutting DiPietro down the remainder of this season. Shortly after that, news hits the wire (once again, Greg Logan) about ex-Islanders Wade Dubielewicz in possible talks with the Islanders about a return, now having been bought out of his Russian KHL contract. If you are still with me it get’s even better….

Mike DunhamAround the five minute mark of the first period against the Rangers tonight, MacDonald somehow injured his groin and could no longer continue. In his place Yann Danis jumps into the game. Now the curious case of who will serve as backup to the backup in case something should happen to Danis. Howie and Billy joked when the camera went to the skybox where both Dunham and Garth were sitting that either would be more than capable. Seems someone in management was listening, because Dunham disappeared and would be named emergency backup – you know, just in case.

It appears as if the Islanders will be giving many fans their wish if DiPietro is indeed shut down. In a pregame interview with Billy Jaffe, Garth Snow admitted concerns over DiPietro and insists that his best interests and safety are in mind with any decision. He also admitted that there may have been errors made in their decisions with DP in years past.

Shut him down and allow him to FULLY recover for next season, this way we don’t have a repeat – or should I say THREE-PEAT?

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Im starting to believe that the hockey gods hate the New York Islanders. This whole injury situation has become unbelievable.

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