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Wow, I cannot remember the last time that I was coming at you all live from the Coliseum, it has to be at least a month or more. In any case, I am here, freezing – from the top of Section 201 plugging away on my laptop.

As you may have previously heard, the Islanders had to make a mad scramble this afternoon in order to find a replacement to their NEW replacement netminder as the Blue Jackets claimed Dubielewicz off waivers (grrrrrr). Peter Mannino made the mad dash home from Binghamton where the Sound Tigers were set to play this evening, in order to serve as back up to Danis. What a guy!

I would love to give you guys a bunch of insight or keys to the game if you will, the most I can muster at the moment is do not get blown out and stay the heck out of the penalty box. The team has been playing ok as of late, at least they are playing with heart and doing whatever they can to remain close. Some may be playing for future jobs, others are playing for the sake of experience and still others are proving they still deserve to play in the league. Thankfully tonight they are playing another area rival in the Devils and usually match up fairly well against this club. An interesting note is this will be the first time the teams face with veteran and ex-Ranger Brendan Shanahan. Shanny is one of the best veterans in the league, I know I am happy he finally found a hope after being hustled out of a job in NY and with the team that originally drafted him to boot! (It appears that Shanahan is not even dressed tonight…..)

Once we find out our scratches, I will be back to fill you in.

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First Period

Islanders are out before the puck drop in their amazing retro thirds as always on a Saturday home game.

Starting lineup:

Martinek and Witt

Sim, Thompson, Jackman

Bill Guerin being honored with an on ice ceremony for his 400th goal scored up in Toronto on December 26th.

Also, Doug Weight with his 1000th point scored, 3rd Islander to hit 1000 and 8th US born player in the NHL.

Congratulations to both Guerin and Weight

Puck is dropped!

7:16pm An interesting side story, will we see retribution for Mottau’s hit on Nielsen?

7:19pm The Islanders have iced the up, not too much going momentum wise for either team just yet.

7:20pm Devils iced the puck, and then take a penalty. Islanders have an upcoming power play. Madden for high sticking

7:23pm The “young gun” unit is currently out and having trouble getting anything through on Clemmensen. Devils come back into the zone and off a broken play with Danis out of position score short handed. Hooray

Danis is a whopping .500 as that was the Devils second shot on goal.

7:28pm Another Devils I mean Islanders power play, Zubrus for hooking

7:30pm Another shorthanded opportunity, and Danis flat out robbed Zajac with a doozy of a glove save.

7:33pm Devils clearly smell blood as Okposo and Comrie have been repeatedly victimized of turnovers. Islanders are 0/2 on the PP

7:35pm Guerin just completely leveled Salvador in the Devils end, I am talking head over heels.

7:36pm And another turnover leads to another Devils scoring chance. Get it together boys. Islanders are officially charged with 6 giveaways

During a tv timeout here, a nice video tribute to Guerin from players not only on his team, but from past teams offering words of praise and congratulations. Really cool.

7:45pm Elias just put Witt on his butt, he didn’t seem to like that and straight away sought out revenge. Islanders got deep on the ensuing play and had a decent scoring chance. They were called for an offsides on a bad keep.

And the period ends with New Jersey up a goal, out shooting the Islanders, out chancing the Islanders, out hustling the Islanders and just out playing them completely. I am sure Gordon is lashing into them as we speak, because it looks like everyone forgot what they are supposed to be doing. Maybe Columbus picked up their hockey sense off waivers today as well, it sure seems that way.

Second Period

And the Isles take a boarding penalty 12 seconds into the period, Nate Thompson.

8:08pm Devils take less than a minute to make it 2-0 and have now scored both short handed and with a man advantage. Clear advantage here: all Devils.

8:10pm For those that may not have the ability to guess who scored. Zach Parise – thanks again Mike Milbury, the gift that keeps on giving.

8:13pm Salvador thumped again, this time by the penalty box and by Jon Sim. As I type, the Devils pot goal number three. Maybe it’s time for me to go get something to eat?

The stands are alive, but only with the chants of Devils fans. Goal is by Clarkson

8:17pm Devils have iced the puck. Streit rushed in to get it, my only fear about that is he is our best player as of late and I almost cringed.

8:18pm Jackman and Salvador exchange glances and proceed to pummel each other near the Devils blue line. Jackman had some nice punches land, but Salvador wrestled him to the ground. I give it to Jacko by decision. Ken Rosenblatt agrees, Ken Dick looks on unimpressed as always (I know Ken, there is no A. Beer her in the box or B. Good looking girls)

8:23pm Comrie with a pretty feed to Comeau and he put up top, Clemmensen pushes it out of play.

8:25pm Islanders are allowing Danis to see just about everything fired at him from the outside for the first time all game. He has made a few good stops through traffic in the last several minutes.

8:32pm Islanders showing some life here late in the second.

Another TV time out and another video with players around the league praising Weight for his 1000th point. Congrats to you Weight.

8:37pm Danis continues to keep the Islanders behind by three when it should clearly be more.

Thankfully the Islanders have escaped 40 minutes of hockey down 3 and not 13 the way they keep taking long stretches off. Hockey is such a fickle beast sometimes, or at least Islanders hockey is anyway. I understand that there really isn’t much to play for, but show some pride and give it your all every game regardless of the circumstances. I won’t ever know what they feel because I am not a professional athlete, but I am an athlete and a hockey player – I know what it feels like to lose, and I do not like it in the least.

Hopefully we work some third period magic in the final twenty minutes.

Third Period

Here we go all set for period numero three, the final twenty and hopefully, it will involve some good hockey. Here is a tip, if you have to think too long when shooting, don’t shoot.

9:00pm Devils come out hitting everything that’s moving, and some that isn’t moving.

9:03pm Park with a nice feed from Guerin splits the defenders and goes in almost solo on Clemmensen, he tried to go five hold but it was pushed aside. Best scoring chance of the whole game for the Isles.

9:05pm Witt just took a stick up high and continues to literally leave it ALL out on the ice.

9:07pm Islanders have iced the puck, too bad I am not keeping track of that tonight because it feels like about the tenth time.

9:09pm Long stretch passes trying to get into the Devils zone through their neutral zone….um, crap are leading to these icings. They just to another.

9:18pm Islanders score, finally. I didn’t want Clemmensen to get a shutout again. 3-1 NJ

Comeau from Martinek and Comrie

9:30pm Some energy here since the last goal, decent pressure deep that caused some turnovers and quality scoring chances from prime areas. Will there be third period magic tonight?

8:32pm Under two minutes, Danis creeping out waiting for the Isles to get control. And hes off….

8:33pm Isles iced the puck, 46.4 ticks of the clock remain and timeout Islanders

8:35pm Danis back off, 21 seconds and Clemmensen covers up

17.3 remaining

And thats the game, 3-1 Final score.

More later, heading downstairs.

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