Islesblogger to Contribute to Lighthouse Hockey!

Boy do I have some exciting news!

A few nights ago I received an email from James Mirtle over at From The Rink on SBN asking if I would like to contribute to Dominik Jansky’s Islanders blog Lighthouse Hockey. Apparently there was some talking back and forth during a meeting and my name came up as a possible contributor for Dom’s site. Trust me, if you have been over to LHH you know that Dom needs no help maintaining great content.

Mirtle has been blogging about the NHL and all things hockey for a few years now. When I first started out, he was one of the main bloggers that everyone looked to emulate. Over the summer SBN began a push to have a blogger representative for every team in the NHL – as I already mentioned Dominik jumped over to SBN to form Lighthouse Hockey to cover the Islanders. Dom is a die hard Islanders fan, only he lives out in the Mid-West and has a different perspective on things – often catching stuff even us die hard Long Islanders may miss.

Let me begin by saying this – Islesblogger is not going anywhere, I am not going to shut it down, forget my roots or walk away from my independence. I am just embracing an opportunity to contribute on an additional platform and have some fun in the process.

I am honored to be joined by such great company over on SBN, it will really open new possibilities – especially with all the great toys and stats available on the websites over there. Look for some joint content at both places, some exclusive content here as well as there and the best game day threads you can find.

Fans are also welcome to post Fan Shots, which is like a mini-blog right there for you to speak your own mind.

Check out Lighthouse Hockey and From The Rink when you get a chance!

Michael Schuerlein


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