Let’s White it Out!

Lighthouse ProjectTonight’s game is a special one, not because we are playing the Devils in an meaningless inter-conference game – but because it is Town of Hempstead night at the Coliseum!

For those who may not have heard, there were recent rumblings that the TOH actually made some progress with the Lighthouse Project and there is a meeting this coming Tuesday at 10:30am at Town Hall to discuss things further. It’s an exciting time and if you have the time to get over to the Town Hall to show support – you should definately do so.

The Lighthouse Group invited myself and several other bloggers over to their Uniondale offices at Rexcorp Plaza to let us know how things were progressing. Tuesday’s meeting is sure to be a huge if not monumental step forward for what this group has endured over the last SEVEN years. It’s about time is all this blogger can say.

Tonight however, if you are going to the game – it’s important to wear white, a white t-shirt, jersey, or sweatshirt anything white to show as much white as possible. It things like this that make the arena look amazing both in person and on TV and help get messages across. Show the Town of Hempstead that we as fans and Long Island residents care about this project and can rally together to make it happen!

Check out Nick G’s blog for the latest Lighthouse News or the official Lighthouse Project blog.

Michael Schuerlein

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