Slow Deadline for Isles so Far


Well, there is nothing really huge to report for the Islanders here this afternoon. I have been glued to my computer constantly refreshing the typical trade deadline sources that have been awesome in the past. I am lucky enough to have dual monitors so I can have an internet browser open on the left, and AIM, TSN’s streaming coverage in a small window and their live tracker next to that.

What we do know:

  • Jon Sim has cleared waivers – I know Big Jayy (a loyal commenter) will be mad if he stays, but he has been producing for us as of late. If he doesn’t move – hopefully he continues to contribute. Not much there except for he may get sent down to Bridgeport for all we know.
  • Miroslav Satan cleared waivers as well – check out the piece I did for Lighthouse Hockey on that.
  • Still no word on Bill Guerin – the boys on TSN spoke about him earlier but even they don’t know whats going on. They did say there shouldn’t be a problem with him remaining an Islander for the rest of the year. Couple that tidbit with what Greg Logan got out of Doug Weight the other night.
  • Still no word on other Islanders on the market such as Radek Martinek, Andy Hilbert, Doug Weight, Dean MacAmmond or Brendan Witt – time will tell.

More, if and when it happens.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Well Well Well..

    I have come to the point where i want to shoot myself in the foot! I woke up this morning feeling confident and i do mean CONFIDENT that Jon Sim would no longer be an Islander. But along came the same old crap i like to call ISLANDERS HOCKEY. Not only do i have to deal with Jon Sim for the rest of the season but the disappointment that was the Bill Guerin trade broke my heart. Yes, at best it could turn out to be a 3rd round pick. But we all know it’s a long shot. Did I see this coming? You know i did.

    This is Big Jayy signing off and heading to the pub to drown my sorrows once again with the misfortunes of my beloved Islanders.

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