Guerin to Pittsburgh for a Conditional Pick!

All the build up and speculation and it’s hard to say that I am impressed with the deal Garth Snow has swung with Pittsburgh for Bill Guerin.

The details:

Islanders trade Bill Guerin for a conditional 5th round pick that can go as high as a third rounder.

If Pittsburgh makes the playoffs, it turns into a 4th rounder.
If Pittsburgh wins a round, it turns into a 3rd rounder.

Not really anything major, but I would have thought the return would have been at least a second rounder.

Bill Guerin was just on TSN when asked how it felt to be in limbo:

It was a pretty painful process. We thought we had a deal done with another team a couple of days ago.

Greg Logan has the whole exchange on his blog:

Asked about the wait to learn his fate since being scratched on Saturday night, Guerin said, “It was a pretty painful process. We thought we had a deal done with another team a couple days ago. Then, it just kind of made things a little awkward, so, I sat here in limbo for four days or so just kind of waiting for something to happen. I’ve been through trade deadlines before, and a lot of things wait until the last second to get things done.

“I’m excited about going to Pittsburgh. It’s a great opportunity for me to go to a talented team like that with their experience in the Finals last year. They’re in a dogfight right now for the playoffs, but they’re playing great and I’m really looking forward to it.”

On whether he expects to help the Pens with leadership: “I just go in and be myself. I’ve always been a vocal guy, not afraid to say anything. You just play it by ear. They get you for a specific reason. The best thing you can do is be yourself and support the leadership they have there.”

See ya on the flip side Billy.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. This is not what I had in mind. Didn’t we get a 7th round pick for Chris Simon? Now if the Pens continue their sub-par hockey we’re only getting a 5th round pick for a member of the 400 goals club. I’m disappointed.

  2. This is what happens when word breaks of a trade before it’s a done deal. The Islanders had a deal this weekend which seemingly broke down, and the longer the deal didn’t get done, the more desperate the Isles seem. A desperate team will never bring in as good a return that they want for a player they want to move. Can’t say I’m not dissapointed, I would’ve liked a warm body back, but anyone who didn’t see this coming is crazy.

    • Guerin is on the phone with TSN right now and said there WAS a deal in place over the weekend. Didn’t say much more – nothing bad about the Isles.

  3. Not bashing the Isles, just saying that fans shouldn’t be up in arms about this. To the “everyday fan”, and probably to other teams, the Isles came off as desperate to get something for Billy. The fact that they got something for a pending UFA is good, but fans shouldn’t be upset that it was “only a POTENTIAL third round pick”.

  4. Brian,

    I really don’t mind because he was clearly not going to return anyway. At least we got “something” like I said.

  5. It just seems that a player of Guerin’s calibur, with his career stats and having championship experience under his belt would yield a higher return. The idea of getting a second round pick would seem more appropriate. Regardless I wish him the best of luck and good health through the rest of his career.

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