The Weight is Over!

Corny title yes, but who can’t resist a pun when it’s so easy to throw out there?

Doug Weight, who missed a large chunk of the last oh – twenty something games with a knee injury returns tonight to face his home town club the Detroit Red Wings. What’s more, Chris Botta hints at a possible contract extension for Dougie before the season lets out for the summer. Weight isn’t the only player returning from injury tonight, goaltender Joey MacDonald is also suiting up for action and may be your starter.

Hopefully the team continues to make things interesting by playing their hearts out, they can win tonight and still be comfortable in the “Tank for Tavares” race.

Not much from me tonight, I am about to head out the door to watch the game at Hooters with my cousin – we are headed to the bowling alley to toss back some beers and toss some heavy objects at ten pins.

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Michael Schuerlein

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