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Well folks it’s that time of year again, its time for the Draft Lottery! This is the second year in a row with the potential to pick a franchise player, we know Garth opted to trade down (twice) last year to get Bailey – he seems to be posturing to do something similar this time around – to the dismay of many.

For a taste of the “live action” from last year, check out the post I did on the lottery during the Versus broadcast. It will give you a feel for how they run things (or give you an idea on what changed).

The Islanders finished dead last this year, giving them the best chance at the number one overall or the second overall. They held onto the fifth overall last season and could have drafted Nikota Filatov – the caliber of player this time around is MUCH different. Two of the most talked about players are John Tavares (a true Canadian sniper hyped since the age of 15) and Victor Hedman (a big Sweede who’s a franchise d-man). With each of those players there is no guesswork, they will pan out and make their teams better – many scouts seems to agree on this fact too.

Edit 7:53pm

We have a live thread going on over at Lighthouse Hockey: Draft Lottery – come on by and check it out!

In the past few days both Chris Botta and Greg Logan have put out posts and articles claiming Garth Snow will listen to all offers for his coveted pick.

In the end I am sure the Islanders will come away with a great player and the correct decision will be made. At least tonight we will know one thing; which pick the Hockey Gods want us to have.

Dom and I will will have live coverage tonight over at Lighthouse Hockey so be sure to check that out!

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  1. 1) If they win the lottery, there is NO option. Taveres is an instant draw to get fannies in the NVMC. Hedman might be a future star defender but is much less glamerous to promote
    2) If they lose the lottery then all bets are off. A trade could be considered to move down a spot or two if the return is significant. All reports indicate that there are several top notch talents available beyond the 2nd slot.
    3) You guys should be excited because in the opinion of Fauxrumors with this pick and a couple of good UFA acquisitions this summer along with a healthy DiPietro, we could see the Isles right back in the post season in 09-10!

  2. couple of good UFA acquisitions this summer along with a healthy DiPietro,…
    Aye, Faux, there’s the catch. Crossing fingers…

  3. This is crazy man. I can’t sleep, think, eat, drink beer. I’m so nervous about tonight. This franchise NEEDS that #1 pick!

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