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For once this season, the Islanders biggest victory did not occur on the ice. It happened in a borrowed lottery ball machine courtesy of the New York Lottery (perhaps even a permanent loan at this juncture) and came in the form of one of their lottery balls being sucked to the top of the device.

It never ceases to amaze me honestly, I have witnessed a bunch of great things in Islanders history – but this pick is one of the most important aspects in recent times. Looking back at the past first round picks, the Isles have had three other first overall selections:

2000: Rick DiPietro
1973: Dennis Potvin
1972: Billy Harris

With the first overall selection, the clear cut choices are either John Tavares or Victor Hedman – but like I have posted before, anything can happen now that Garth said he will look into all options. With a little bit of hope (now that the Hockey Gods smiled down on us tonight) having the number one pick will dissuade Snow from moving the pick and choosing whomever he wants (TAVARES…).

This is one hyped up fan, I cannot wait to hear what happens during the conference call at 9pm.

Stay tuned for updates and other blog reactions!

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Press Conference

Greg Logan opened up the questioning and peppered Garth with a series of questions. Greg asked Garth – how he felt upon the announcement:

“I had a huge smile, it was a really great moment for both the franchise and the fans. It’s going to be a great day in June”

Greg asked if Garth felt this pick would be a game changer:

“Yes, we are going to get a great player. We will have numerous meetings between now and June to discuss who we should select. I am sure we will have plenty of arguments, but we will go through the process diligently and thorough to make sure we pick the best player”

If you couldn’t tell from Garth’s answers at this point, it was clear that he was not going to give any hint towards the direction he was leaning. I could continue this whole recap but Botta already beat me to the punch (hey, my Fiance called from work – lol)