Nassau NOT on Forbes’ Most Miserable Sports Location List

Call it a ray of hope, if anything a slight glimmer of hope – but Nassau County, Long Island was NOT on the Forbes top 10 most miserable sports location list. Unfortunately for 10 other locations, they were – but for once the Islanders were spared any further embarrassment.

Not really sure what goes into the thought behind these types of lists, playoff record, championship record or a combination of arenas, location and the aforementioned records combined.

Here is a quick rundown of the top 10 most miserable:

1. Seattle, Washington
2. Atlanta, Georgia
3. Buffalo, New York
4. Phoenix, Arizona
5. Houston, Texas
6. San Diego, California
7. Denver, Colorado
8. Cleveland, Ohio
9. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota
10. Kansas City, Missouri

What makes me chuckle deep down inside after reading the list, was coming to the Kansas City listing at number ten. For all the talk of the potential relocation of the Islanders to KC – they sure do rank low in terms of a valuable sports location.

Check out the whole article-slideshow on the Forbes website.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Really interesting find Mike. Guess we can tell those Rangers fans who want the Isles to move to KC, to shove it.

  2. Looks like Nassau, Queens, or Brooklyn would be a great place for a team lol. I guess we’ll find out in October. good article Mike.

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