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Draft LogoIn case you missed it, New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow was a special guest on NHL Live on XM Radio this afternoon hosted by Deb Placey and Billy Jaffe. You can listen to the interview online – which is split into two parts here and here.

In the first part, Deb and Billy pestered Garth for information full well knowing he wouldn’t budge on his stance. The spoke a bit about the pressure Garth must and is feeling knowing that the fan base wants them to pick John Tavares. They spoke about the draft party and the staggering 16,000 tickets given away so far – Billy even mentioned if half show up it would still be a huge turnout as the tickets are free. They also spoke about the contest where fans were chosen at random after submitting who they felt the team should select with the number one pick. Garth said the response from the contest was huge and really gave them a sense of how important the pick is in the pursuit for the Stanley Cup.

In the second part, they spoke about the number of picks the Islanders had at last years draft and then how many great picks they have again this year. Garth brought up how many in the media world felt that the Islanders were the winners of the 2008 Entry Draft and that he is prepared to select some great players again this year. They went on to discuss the status of Rick DiPietro – whom will resume skating this August and will be ready for training camp. Deb spoke about DiPietro being stressed from sitting around so long and asked Garth how he felt Ricky would be mentally. Garth said he felt the rehab has been going well and that he will be ready in all aspects. They finished up by talking about when they would leave for the draft (Tuesday) and then finished up by talking about Pittsburgh, Chris Osgood, the Wings and then some other stuff that I wasn’t paying attention to.

I am starting to get excited about the draft, I cannot wait until the morning of the 26th as we nervously sit around the airport waiting to leave!