Live From Montreal!

The bloggers have landed, I repeat – the bloggers have landed.

Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track, Doug Davidson of Isles Official’s Outlook and Ken Dick of TavaresOkposo Netare here beside me. As of right now, we are all feverishly working on our first posts from the same hotel room across from the Bell Center (waiting for the second room).

The good news though, free wireless in the rooms here at the Marriot – which makes things easier. Hopefully we don’t experience what we did last year in Ottawa – horrible connections in the media risers. Montreal is a first class venue, hopefully they have their stuff together.

Funny anecdote, the contest winners of the Draft contest for the Islanders – the entire group was on our flight. We told them to be ready to be interviewed and harassed by us.

We are gonna go grab food and work on some more stuff in a bit! Stay tuned.

Michael Schuerlein

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