Islanders Select: John Tavares!!!

We’ll call this a semi live blog. The NHL just made all the people responsible for making the selections introduce themselves, as you may have heard live on TV. Now, they are thanking Detroit and Pittsburgh for their great play in the finals and making some final announcements.

I will continue to update as it happens.

An aside, I will be unable to provide many links to anything outside of my own site for the time being because the internet is HORRIBLE again this year. Worst case scenario I will continue to update from my phone.

Ok – let me get them in while I can. Doug Davidson over at Isles Official’s Outlook has a live blog going on, join in on the discussion!

As has been the norm, Dom over at Lighthouse Hockey has numerous post and discussion threads going at the same time. I wish I could give him a hand today or even get over there to comment, the net slows to a crawl if I navigate anywhere other then here to click “update”.

Chris Botta is blogging from the press box over at his site live from Nassau Coliseum – check it out

It’s just about t-minus ten here. Anyone out there getting excited?

7:15pm Gary Bettman comes to the podium to a bunch of boo-birds. He butchered a French introduction – I give him an A for effort.

Just got a text that Logan thinks Duchene is a certainty – we shall see bout that Logie.

7:18pm Here we goooo!

7:19pm John Tavares!!!

Thank the lucky stars! After all that silence, like a vacuum the Islanders pick who they should’ve just announced from day one! Roger Farina made it on the jumbotron, ‘Grats Rog

Ok, being we have a gap until the next pick, we are gonna run down to talk to Tavares. Hopefully I can get some pics.

Michael Schuerlein

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