About to Begin Day Two

So the four of us (among all the other press as well) are sitting here trying to figure out what to do after a really long night last night. We got about six hours of sleep after staying up until almost this morning (just about 24 hours of being awake since we left New York yesterday). We are slightly refreshed, injecting caffeine into our systems (as well as yogurt – Jim from Blue Shirt Banter took a picture of mine….damn Rangers bloggers) and naturally french type pastries.

Day two is usually much, much faster for rounds two through seven, simply because the teams do not come up to the stage for each pick. It’s also easier for the media because the only players who may actually be here are the ones who could have went in the later part of the first round or in the second and third – so there is less interviewing to do. It’s also nice that it starts earlier – we get to rest up in the afternoon for one last night in Montreal.

Here are the Islanders remaining pics for rounds two through six, barring any change I will update everyone as it happens:

(Round 2) 31st Overall
(Round 2) 56th Overall (Formerly belonged to Boston)
(Round 3) 91st Overall (Formerly belonged to Pittsburgh)
(Round 5) 122nd Overall
(Round 6) 152nd Overall

The Islanders start off today with the first pick of the second round where there are plenty of very talented players still available. Think of it as an extra first round pick if you will – there were players projected to be taken last night who slipped past the threshold into round two.

Stay tuned folks.

Michael Schuerlein

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