Lighthouse “Just Build It” Rally on August 4th

Just Build It

If you weren’t planning on attending the Public Comment session at Hofstra University the morning of August 4th to support the Lighthouse Project, you may want to change your mind now. Not only will there be free “Just Build It” t-shirts for the first 2000 attendees, but I am hearing rumblings about special Islanders guests who will walk the distance from the Coliseum to Adams Playhouse amongst the fans.

Here is the press release that came across my inbox earlier today from the Lighthouse Development Group:

Starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, at the Nassau Coliseum, leaders from the surrounding communities, labor, as well as fans and supporters of the project will rally and march to the Lighthouse project public hearing at the Adams Playhouse on the campus of Hofstra University.

The rally will be held in Lot 8 of the Nassau Coliseum and feature special guest speakers which will include Islanders owner Charles Wang, Islanders Alumni players and local elected officials. Islanders forwards Josh Bailey and Joel Rechlicz will be on site meeting and greeting fans and supporting the Lighthouse project.

At 8:45 the rally will conclude and everyone will march from Lot 8 to the Adams Playhouse for the 9:30 a.m. start of the public hearing.

“Just Build It!” T-shirts will be available for the first 2,000 people in attendance. Parking at the Coliseum will be free of charge.

If you have a website and you would like to promote the public hearing and the rally, please click the following link to downloadable buttons for your site. http://www.lighthouseli.com/media/download#logos

For further questions, please visit www.lighthouseli.com or the Official Blog of the Lighthouse Development Group, The Light Post at lighthouseliblog.blogspot.com. You can follow the Lighthouse project on Twitter at @Lighthouse_LI or join the “I support the Lighthouse at Long Island” on Facebook.

I know I plan on attending, you should all think about showing up in support of the Lighthouse Project too – the more the merrier. You never know, you could be part of something historic!

Michael Schuerlein


    • Yes, the playhouse is located on the grounds of Hofstra University. You can find directions on Hofstra’s website if need be, but parking is available at the Coliseum.

  1. As a tourist, I hope this goes through. It beats staying at the Marriot and then trying to spend the day at Roosevelt Field, before the game. This way we can enjoy just walking around, enjoying the better scenery, and still watching a great game.

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