Images From The Lighthouse Rally and Meeting

I have a bit of a treat for you, earlier today I was snapping pictures from both my iPhone and my camera. I had forgotten my USB cable so I couldn’t upload them from the meeting at Hofstra this afternoon. It’s a good thing I didn’t, because if my pictures were not good enough, I have some pictures that were given to my by the Lighthouse people. These could be elsewhere by now, and I am sure they will be – so enjoy the exclusivity while you can. (Edit: Who would’ve guessed – they are posted elsewhere already).

These first four were sent to me and ARE NOT taken by me (Click on images to view full sized):

"Just Build It" Lighthouse Rally

Supporters at the "Just Build It" Rally

Charles Wang and Tom Suozzi march in the "Just Build It" rally

Charles Wang addresses the crowd at Hofstra University

The images below are the ones I snapped at various points today (not as good, obviously):

Lighthouse 001 (Large)

Lighthouse 002 (Large)

This post was WAY too long to have all the images on the main page, click below to continue to check out all the photos!

Lighthouse 004 (Large)

Lighthouse 005 (Large)

Lighthouse 006 (Large)

Lighthouse 008 (Large)

Lighthouse 009 (Large)

Lighthouse 013 (Large)

Lighthouse 016 (Large)

Lighthouse 017 (Large)

Michael Schuerlein

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