A Quick Glimpse Into the Future of John Tavares

Just came across a link on Twitter that has the New York Islanders 2009 first round draft pick John Tavares (and the rest of the top rookies) at an Upper Deck photo shoot. A few of the pictures (and there are a bunch of good ones) show Tavares skating around in full Islanders uniform and equipment. The pictures gave me some chills, not sure what everyone else will get from it though.

John Tavares

Here is another good one:

John Tavares

And one more for good measure:

John Tavares

For more photos, check out the Upper Deck gallery

It’s a slow hockey month here before camps officially open and as summer winds down. At least it seems as if hockey is making it back into the news. Can you feel it? I can.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Thanks for the link Dom!

    You made a good point, it was great to see Tavares in the retro blues, but seeing him skating around in uniform and equipment makes me wish it was October!!!

  2. I know, it really is something else. It hits me different than seeing him in the practice gear, certainly.

    Can’t wait, man.

  3. It is awesome to see Tavares on the ice playing competitive hockey tonight…in an ISLANDERS jersey! His first action this pre-season is a welcome sight. Can’t wait till Oct. 3…for more than one reason.

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