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Tavares Set for Home Debut

Posted by on 23 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Gameday, General

Like I had posted just about a month ago, we are set for another quick glimpse into the future of our highly touted number 1 draft pick John Tavares tonight at Nassau Coliseum, as the Islanders take on the New Jersey Devils in their one-and-only home preseason match up.

This is the start of something new and exciting on Long Island, that’s the only certainty the Islanders seem to have right now – at least in my eyes.

I have missed a majority of training camp news thus far, but from what I have been reading about while away in Europe for two weeks, is that the team has already begun to suffer from injury after injury, which is scary. I shouldn’t have to speak about WHY that is scary, but for those who may not quite get what I am putting down – that’s basically how we landed John Tavares to begin with…..

I know the preseason doesn’t mean much in terms of competitiveness for the season, but small glimpses of what the team COULD look like is an important step for fans of any sport or franchise. The systems that Scott Gordon put into place last year are now not so new to many of the returning players, his NEW coaching staff is getting the chance to work out kinks and hopefully – Scott learned from his now past experiences.

Check out the preview over at the new and improved Islanders Website

Also be sure to check out this write up on John Tavares.

I will do my best to live blog from the game, not entirely sure what my plans are just yet though!

And of course, the Live Tracker:

Live Tracker

We Be Zoning!

Posted by on 22 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Hello everyone!!

Fresh off a plane from my 2 week European vacation (and VERY jet lagged), I am at the second round of the Town of Hempstead’s Zoning Hearing for the Lighthouse Project.

Follow along on Twitter via multiple sources:

More as it happens!

For more information check out Katrina Doell’s blog The Light Post or The Official Lighthouse Project website.