Rangers at Islanders (Game 1) – Live Blog

Pregame Here we are folks, one of the most exciting rivalries in pro-sports (in my opinion anyway) and it’s the first game of many this season against our cross town rival New York Rangers. Walking around the concourse here at… Continue Reading


Montreal Part Deux – Almost Got It

I don’t know if everyone else saw the game last night, but it was – how do you say, more of the same. Or was it? If you wish to read my ridiculously bleak and furious tone during the game,… Continue Reading


Capitals at Islanders – Live Blog

Pregame I am trying something a little different today, I am setting up the live blog BEFORE I get to the game so I can go into a bit more detail with my pregame thoughts. Tonight’s game is a huge… Continue Reading


Hurricanes at Islanders – Live Blog

Good evening everyone, just checking in from the top of Section 201 from the Coliseum preparing to live blog from the Blog Box! It’s been a few days since the last game and there have been a few changes: Joel… Continue Reading


Sharks at Islanders – Live Blog

About to drop the puck here at the Coliseum, getting my live blog set up and ready to go – more as it happens! First Period 7:09pm And we’re off – Islanders ice the puck. Out of the gate with… Continue Reading


Kings Visit Long Island – Live Blog

It’s been a while since I have live blogged, and I even told the Islanders in our meeting last week that it wasn’t quite my thing – but here I am anyway typing away. Game is underway, naturally I had… Continue Reading


Finding The “Energy”

After three games, the Islanders are still looking for their first win of the season. It’s not that the team hasn’t played well, they have actually been scary good at times – but yet still suffer from either a lack… Continue Reading


Movin’ On Up!

As many of you know, the last few weeks and even going back into September have been kind of crazy for me. There was a crazy period of work, my two-week trip to Europe and then last week I pretty… Continue Reading