Movin’ On Up!

As many of you know, the last few weeks and even going back into September have been kind of crazy for me. There was a crazy period of work, my two-week trip to Europe and then last week I pretty much was car shopping all week until I picked it up this weekend.

Then we had the home opener, which I didn’t really get the chance to write about – bummer.

However, I have some exciting news regarding the ability to reach a larger audience. Last week I received an email from someone over at The Bleacher Report asking me if I would be interested in becoming the Featured Islanders Columnist over there. Curious, I inquired a little bit about what was expected and for more details. I was surprised to find out that the stories I write there will not only be on the Islanders and NHL section of that website, but because I am a featured columnist – they would be shown on NHL.com, the NHL’s newsletter, B/R’s newsletter, and some of B/R’s partner websites (CBSSports.com, SI.com and FoxSports.com).

Rest assured, I plan on doing some live blogs here and keeping the place updated more now that the season is upon us – Islesblogger isn’t going anywhere anytime soon! I will also continue to contribute to Lighthouse Hockey whenever Dom asks (speaking of Dom, I met him and his wife this past weekend at the home opener – great people!).

This is just another one of those opportunities for me to get my name out there and see where it takes me. I’ve been slipping lately, so maybe this will force me to write a bit more – being they would like three opinion pieces a week.

So, without further ado – I present to you my first Islanders article at The Bleacher Report in well over a year: Islanders Future Rest in The Hands of Their Youth

Michael Schuerlein

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