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It’s been a while since I have live blogged, and I even told the Islanders in our meeting last week that it wasn’t quite my thing – but here I am anyway typing away.

Game is underway, naturally I had a problem connecting to the wireless.

First Period

2:11pm Islanders just had a good scoring chance in front, didn’t see who shot it though.
2:14pm Park just took a hard shot on goal, Sim was there for the rebound and the puck wound up back to Martinek who missed the net.
2:15pm Witt with a nice defensive block as he sprawled himself out – Ken Dick chimes in with “Look at Witt play defense!”
2:18pm Joel Rechlicz squares off with the Kings’ Raitis Ivanans – they jawed all the way to the box so look for some more fireworks from those two later.

A quick note of observation on the Islanders defense – they seem to run around the zone a lot and chase the puck. They have had a problem today with the breakout and seem to be below their own goal line when in the defensive zone. They need to set the tone and make the Kings pay for touching the puck while in front of their own crease.

2:30pm During a stoppage of play, Biron is on the scoreboard talking about his new mask design and what goes on when talking about the new designs with the artists. He says his Islanders mask is by far his most favorite design.
2:33pm Islanders need to resync here, they have gone offsides two plays in a row – enough making that last move at the blueline.
2:44pm Islanders almost snuck one in there as Moulson was hanging out in the crease area. They can certainly use a dirty goal right about now.

Final minute of the First Period

Shots: Islanders 11 Kings 4

Not a bad period overall by either team, although it seemed towards the final few minutes the Islanders were deep in the Kings zone for a lengthy span. As I said earlier, when the Kings gain the Islanders zone they control the puck well and get in behind the Islanders defense. The Islanders seem to chase, chase and chase some more – so the key to keeping them off the board is solid defense and allowing Biron every oppportunity to see the puck.

We shall see which team shows up in the second period.

Second Period

Second period is underway!

Trying to Tweet and Liveblog at the same time is kinda hard – my hands are cramping up because it’s chilly in here

3:04pm Biron forced to hold onto the puck and stops play. Kings are putting on some good pressure in the Islanders zone.
3:05pm Scoreboard just went crazy and went out – as the Islanders had their best scoring chance of the period.
3:09pm Tavares makes a move going into the zone, it was a small pass – but it was a tad late going into the zone and handcuffed Jackman (no jokes there).
3:11pm Alexander Frolov was just dangling in front of Biron and put on a clinic for the Islanders. He had a few chances to put the puck in, but the Isles managed to get out of trouble.
3:13pm I am a Shremp believer!! He seems to be everywhere and involved in everything. He was the trailer on the play and just smacked the puck out of the air and hit the post. Great hands!


3:16PM Islanders just took a penalty – first penalty of the game actually, other than the fight. Bergenheim called for slashing.
3:19pm Islanders just got the benefit of a hooking call – first Isles power play
3:22pm Even strength, Islanders only had one real good chance and it was on the stick of Tavares
3:23pm Islanders penalty: Comeau for a hook
3:27pm And the Kings make the Isles pay – Kopitar score on the power play.
3:29pm Islanders power play, which will carry over if they dont score with 14.7 remaining.

End of the Second Period

After a well played period, penalties as always may be the deciding factor of today’s game. The Islanders allowed a power play goal against, and have yet to capitalize on their own chances. When they come back out for the start of the third period they have over a minute and a half of power play time. The Isles need to come out and set the tone and hopefully get the equalizer. It’s not over until it’s over.

Third Period

3:48pm Islanders having all sorts of trouble on what’s left of their power play.

Ken Dick says: “That was easily the worst power play of the season right there, they couldn’t even manage a shot” – my reply, “Ken, we are yet to even have many this season” – Ken “This is true.”

3:54pm Kings go up 2-0 on a blast by Drew Doughty
3:56pm 3rd Kings power play – Moulson caught for high sticking, 2 minutes thankfully
4:02pm Even strength, which is not really saying anything for the Islanders here in the 3rd
4:05pm Islanders have 10 giveaways in this game – could be one of the many reasons they are behind by a pair.
4:06pm Okposo draws a penalty going HARD to the net. It’s power play time. Scuderi 2 for tripping
4:09pm Big fat goose egg on the power play
4:11pm Kings have iced the puck two times in a row here, capitalize on that please.
4:16pm And there is a “Let’s go Yankees” chant coming from Loudville
4:18pm MOULSON SCORES!!!! 2-1 Under two minutes remaining! From Okposo and Streit
4:19pm Icing, back in the Kings zone
4:20pm Empty net
4:21pm Kings clear misses the net (barely) another icing, another deep faceoff.


Kings clear and that’s a wrap

Kings over Islanders 2-1

Notes and quotes from downstairs by tonight.

Live Tracker

The old tried and true live tracker for those unable to either attend or watch the game from their office!

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  1. Happy with how the Isles have out-hit the Kings through 2 periods but the difference in size is very evident as the Isles can’t get anything working.

    But, as with the other 3 games this season, the Islanders have played tough and gritty…let’s just hope they don’t fizzle in the 3rd.

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