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About to drop the puck here at the Coliseum, getting my live blog set up and ready to go – more as it happens!

First Period

7:09pm And we’re off – Islanders ice the puck. Out of the gate with a…. putter.
7:10pm Sharks are setting the tone early, they had puck possession.
7:12pm Well, Sharks had a marvelous scoring chance there….
7:13pm Islanders just registered their first shot on goal, a nice little passing play that was stopped.
7:16pm Biron just waived at a floater and almost inadvertently smacked it behind him. Scary first few minutes here tonight.
7:17pm Bergenheim is all over the ice tonight playing the role of agitator, he had a scoring opportunity twice because all he did was crash the net.
7:20pm Tavares to Okposo and they just couldn’t finish. Beautiful setup – cross ice feed that got the goalie moving.
7:23pm Doug Weight just showed everyone WHY he is still in the league. A series of stick handling moves that completely undressed his man, but couldn’t get a good shot off.
7:30pm Sharks are really playing a physical game tonight. Kyle Okposo was completely leveled in the offensive zone, Jack Hillen has been thrown around behind the Islanders net – and Brendan Witt was hit from behind pretty hard playing the puck in the corner.
7:33pm Islanders awarded a penalty, Interference 2 minutes
7:33pm Tavares to Okposo he scoresssssssss 1-0 Islanders Secondary assist to Weight
7:36pm Tavares gets his first penalty, sticking up for Witt 2 minutes for cross checking, and Sharks get 2 for a rough.
7:39pm Excellent four on four shift – Weight with a great chance as well as Streit
7:40pm Bergenheim was just given a lay-up and he couldn’t finish. I think I heard 7thwoman yell from the usually quiet press box.

And that’s the end of the period.

Despite the Islanders slow start and the physical mismatch, the Isles have managed to come out ahead of the Sharks due to a power play goal. If they want to stay ahead, they need to do the little things that they have been doing good so far; puck pursuit, forecheck, and passing. If they can stay out of the box, which really has not been much of a problem this year – I think the second period will be a good one.

Second Period

8:00pm And we have dropped the puck for the second frame.
8:01pm Moulson and Tavares are both looking up at the roof because they missed a wide open net.

Islanders power play.

8:03pm Islanders had two shots on the power play. Islanders first goal has been changed to Moulson, assisted by Okposo and Tavares.
8:07pm Four on four, Martinek two for interference and Sharks two for diving…
8:09pm Okposo just sizzled a wrist shot that was gloved rather nicely. Islanders now lead 22-9 in shots.
8:11pm And the Islanders will be down a man, another defensive zone interference penalty – this time on Witt.
8:14pm Sharks just evened things up on the power play. 1-1
8:18pm Scott Gordon sends out a line of Jon Sim, Tim Jackman and Richard Park in an attempt to set the tone. Jackman looked like he was looking to dance, with anyone.
8:26pm Islanders are very, very sloppy here all of a sudden. Maybe the team runs on Windows 98 and they need a reboot?
8:30pm And the Sharks just took the lead 2-1 on a shot that should’ve been stopped. Just to give everyone an idea of how bad the Isles are this frame – the shot count is Isles 24 Sharks 20….
8:33pm Islanders power play, Sharks delay of game
8:34pm Doug Weight with a wrist shot that found some part of the iron. He looked glaringly at the net in disbelief.
8:35pm At the end of the period, there was a delayed holding penalty on Hillen. I don’t buy that one.

So after two periods, the Islanders have been two completely different teams, yet the Sharks have also shown how different they can play. They became aggressive on their forecheck and backcheck and the result was two unanswered goals. One coming on the power play and the other at even strength. The Islanders need to get back to what they did successfully earlier in the game. I wonder if playing in Buffalo and flying home last night is having some sort of effect on them here tonight. Whatever the case, these Islanders need to do SOMETHING to earn their first win of the season.

Third Period

8:53pm And with the penalty against the Islanders carrying over into the third – the Sharks were able to set up early and go ahead two goals for a 3-1 lead.
8:56pm Freddy Meyer IV with a nice step up hit to break up a play.
8:59pm Islanders pressuring and had a good scoring chance that was saved, naturally. It’s what the better goaltenders do.
9:01pm Biron makes a save?

Yankees were just shown on the scoreboard – Jeter hit a solo shot to put the Yanks ahead 2-0 WOOOOOOO Go Yankees Go

9:06pm Bergeheim getting some face time with the Sharks, do it Bergy – lift your team.
9:07pm Witt hit Tavares with a shot, thank god it was only Witter.
9:11pm Comeau with a huge hit in front of the benches, that is what this team needs to do. As soon as they play physical they force the Sharks to make long, quick passes. Force some turnovers by taking the body.
9:15pm What can you even say at this point? Sharks just scored, again. 4-1

Ok folks, with five minutes left I don’t believe this Islanders team will score four goals – so I am tempted to wrap up the live blog in preparation to run downstairs. Why, I don’t know – it’s going to be downright miserable and depressing.

Ugh, Jackman with a late fight – should have happened in the second period Jack-o. The Sens fans in attendance have thrown their Heatley garb on the ice….that’s the best part of this game so far.

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