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Penguins at Islanders – Live Blog

Posted by on 27 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Good afternoon!

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable day yesterday – Thanksgiving Day for everyone here in the States. May the effects of that pesky post-turkey sleepiness be long gone for this afternoon matchup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the New York Islanders. If you long for that full belly feeling, settle up to the internet, the tv or the radio and prepare a leftover sandwich from last night’s fixings!

The Penguins and Islanders have met one time this season, a shootout loss here at home early in the season – John Tavares’ NHL debut at home that featured a goal and assist. Fast forward to tonight’s game – home game number 11 and Tavares has 20 points in 25 games (9g and 11a). Look over at the other bench at Sydney Crosby and he is just five points ahead of the man-boy we call JT by 5 points in the same span of games (12g and 13a). Not too shabby, let’s see if Tavares can build upon his totals here tonight.

Two points at stake tonight, are a huge two points for the Islanders as they can move back into the middle of the Eastern Conference and right along side the rest of the Atlantic Division at that.

Trent Hunter is looking to extend his point scoring streak to 9 games, Josh Bailey looks to get back onto his clutch goal scoring pony, Moulson and Tavares are always dangerous – but one player in particular needs to step up his game tonight – Kyle Okposo. Okposo has been all too quiet and finding himself off of the scoresheet as of late. He did hit the post on Wednesday night, so it’s not like he isn’t getting chances or even into position.

The team, collectively – needs to do more offensively. Head Coach Scott Gordon was LIVID when talking during his press conference on Wednesday night. He stressed a team effort on the forecheck, faceoffs, shots, and spoke about players standing around way too much. Personally, I liked seeing fire in the mans eyes and coming out of his mouth – he has begun to find himself as an NHL coach, which is evident in many areas on and off the ice. It’s a safe bet that we will see a completely different team here in the first period then we did on Wednesday.

Live blog coming up in about 15 minutes!

First Period

2:09pm Opening draw won by the Penguins – Jackman and Engelland fight straight away. Jackman got some huge rights in – clear winner.
2:10pm Islanders need to capitalize on that early emotional boost
2:12pm Islanders first and seconds lines have both generated some chances and created good pressure in the offensive zone.
2:14pm First penalties are called, four on four play as a dive and a hook were each called. Malkin for the dive Sutton for the hook.
2:18pm Roloson saved by the iron on a Malkin shot that appeared to deflect two times before reaching him.

An aside, I am always amazed at how difficult the Ice Girls make shoveling snow look. I mean the girl with the shovel cannot ever get ALL of the snow into the garbage pail as it misses the top and she always leaves a pile near the door. Oh well…

2:24pm Islanders with a great chance down low, but they missed.
2:24pm Bailey scoresssssss 1-0 Islanders
2:25pm Islanders going to be a man up here, Orpik called for holding
2:26pm Bailey’s 7th of the season assisted by Streit and Meyer
2:28pm Bailey dishes to Sim and he hit the post, much as he always does poor guy. Even strength.
2:33pm Islanders are going to be a man down, Jack Hillen called for a hold
2:35pm Islanders with some shorthanded pressure, Okposo put it on but couldn’t sneak it past Johnson.
2:40pm Park gets the puck along the boards and earns the slot area and rips a shot that hit the post. Seems to be the way it’s going for the third liners here tonight.
2:41pm Penguins have scored, it’s all tied at 1 – Malkin from Godard

And that takes care of the first frame here this afternoon. The Penguins were a bit flat coming out of the gate but have since started to rise up to the pressure the Islanders were giving them. The Islanders need to continue to test Johnson and put shots on, and generate turnovers off of their great forecheck. Make the Penguins pay for entering the zone with speed and keep them to the outside. Hopefully the team is up to task for the second period.

Second Period

3:02pm Opening draw won by the Islanders, Pittsburgh forced offsides.
3:05pm Tavares with a chance down low, caught the Penguins by surprise. Otherwise the Islanders aren’t getting any net presence today. Seems they are playing a perimeter game.
3:07pm Just as I say that, the Islanders they go to the front and Jon Sim draws a penalty, Adams for unsportsmanlike conduct. And that power play was short lived, Trent Hunter called for hooking.
3:09pm Nate Thompson just got one up that Johnson managed to get a glove on – behind him.
3:10pm Gervais just went off the ice in pain, looks like a leg injury but I am pretty sure he just blocked a shot down low in the Islanders end.
3:16pm Penguins make it 2-1 off of a bad rebound left out open in front of Roloson. It came from a really, really innocent shot from outside. The Islanders should take notes about crashing the net.
3:21pm Islanders finally got some pressure down low, although again nobody was getting down low in front of the net. When they did they couldn’t get shots through as everything was blocked. That tells me that nobody is moving their feet enough and not getting to prime scoring areas. However, the last play by Bergenheim to put it on net got a rebound out to Nielsen who was stationed in front of the crease. That is the type of play they need to execute here tonight.
3:26pm Hillen was just called for interference with a hip check on Crosby, bad bad call
3:28pm And now Sutton joins his defensive partner – double minor for high sticking. Not good.
3:31pm Oh god, Jack Hillen sprung from the box and gets the headman pass and misses on a backhand past a sprawled out Johnson. Park gets the rebound and HE missed the net as well. 2 minutes remain on Sutton’s penalty.
3:33pm Islanders with a absolutely HUGE penalty kill, they need to get the equalizer now. That missed opportunity to tie by Hillen could be a huge misstep this afternoon.

End of the second period.

What a horrible start here to the second, the Islanders were caught flat footed, took penalties and just could not generate anything. They need to drive to the net, initiate hits and keep the Penguins moving so they can open up shooting lanes. I’d be curious to see how many blocked shots the Pens have tonight. Late in the period the Islanders certainly played more of their game, but the pressure came during and immediately following the huge penalty kill. It’s always a tale of two teams, although it’s the same team that has a Jekyll and Hyde mentality, the Islanders. Some habits really do die hard.

Third Period

3:56pm Islanders lose the opening draw, as they have many of the draws tonight. Pens try a wrap around and it went off the post.
3:59pm Bergenheim ties it up with a wrister off a rush, off the far post and in! 2-2 From Nielsen and Hunter
4:01pm Thompson and Staal throw down, Thompson landed some serious right hands before being muscled to the ice. Thompson got two for boarding, five for fighting. Staal got 2 for instigating, five for fighting and a ten minute misconduct.
4:08pm Some great pressure by the Islanders. Pens take a bench minor for too many men – powerplay.
4:10pm Wow did Johnson make the save of the game! Streit with a point shot and the rebound was gloved by Johnson while sprawled out on his back.
4:23pm FINALLY, they crash the net after a shot and Tavares cashes in 3-2 Islanders!! From Meyer and Okposo
4:28pm Islanders just caught a break there, Roloson was out of position and somehow the Penguins completely missed the empty net.
4:30pm Jonhson plays the puck and Tambellini intercepts and moves it to Sim – who promptly missed the open net and then got a second chance off another nice feed but shot it right at Johnson.
4:32pm Meyer and Malkin just battled it out for position and Meyer rode him wide and wound up with the puck. Great job positionally.
4:34pm Empty net Pittsburgh, they had some pressure down low and the Islanders iced the puck looking for the empty net.
4:35pm And this game is over, final score 3-2 Islanders!!!

Ill do my best to recap later on, I have a game tonight so my time will be limited. Great game and comeback win for the Islanders!

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Flyers at Islanders – Live Blog

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Well hello there Islanders Country!!

Fresh off a stellar performance by goaltender Dwayne Roloson in Toronto two nights ago, the Islanders play host to the Philadelphia Flyers tonight at Nassau Coliseum. Here is to hoping we see well under the 61 shots on goal against in Toronto – ill stick with this number – 37.

What’s interesting about tonight’s game? The possibility that the Islanders can finish the night as high as 5th place and as low as 13th in the Eastern Conference – talk about a swing!

Players to look out for on the Islanders: Tambellini, Hunter, Bailey and Moulson

Starting goaltender, Martin Biron as he will face his old team.

Out for the Flyers – Briere

First Period

7:08pm True to form the Islanders lost the opening draw, but got possession in the offensive zone and generated a chance off the bat.
7:14pm Not too much flow in either direction just yet, although the draw is deep in the Islanders zone due to an icing.
7:16pm Brendan Witt and Ian Laperriere square off and Witt takes him down.
7:19pm Trent Hunter gets the stick slashed out of his hands, no call. Play continues deep and Biron makes a nice stop – and the Islanders draw a penalty anyway.
7:21pm The Flyers Hartnell is sitting for a rough – Islanders on the powerplay
7:23pm Trent Hunter stays hot – Islanders on the board 1-0 on the power play from Tavares and Streit
7:30pm Islanders were trapped in their end for what seemed like an eternity (I kid, I kid) – come back into the Flyers end and took it to the net.
7:35pm Biron with a nasty glove save on an odd man rush.
7:41pm Okposo just tested out the iron behind Boucher – oh boy what a wrister.
7:44pm Islanders back on the powerplay, Pronger for cross checking.
7:45pm Jon Sim just got absolutely robbed in front of the net
7:46pm Penalty is over, Moulson was just about 8 feet inside the Flyers blueline when he accepted that pass…
7:47pm Thompson and Laperriere (second fight for Laperriere) and it’s a draw.

End of the first period

Tonight is all about role reversal, what I mean by that is the Islanders are on the better side of a bunch of powerplays tonight and are ahead on the shot count 17-9, which on a three period average of would give them a total of 51. That’s only ten shy of what they had given up Monday night in Toronto. It seems as if Scott Gordon had a message for the team, and the message was received loud and clear (5×5 for you Military folks). I like what I see, let’s keep it up!

Second PeriodThird Period

8:56pm I think the Islanders forget they are on a powerplay here….
9:02pm Colorful comments from the fans here in 201 – hysterical, wish I could repeat them. Game is getting rather chippy.
9:04pm Nielsen just caught Carcillo with a big hit – it shook the floor up here in 201…

I apologize for the lack of updates, I feel like garbage tonight and it’s getting worse as the game is wearing on.

9:18pm Biron somehow tracked the puck off of a funky deflection, chants of Marty rain down from the stands.
9:21pm Flyers get the go ahead on a rush – 2-1 on a Hartnell deflection
9:28pm Islanders have had maybe two minutes of offensive zone play here in the third and MAYBE two shots on goal. Did I jinx them? I reverse the curse….
9:30pm Empty net for the Islanders – and final minute of play
9:31pm Flyers called a timeout as they iced the puck – Scott Gordon drew up a quick play in the meantime for the final offensive zone draw….

And the Islanders lose on this Thanksgiving eve – see you all on Friday afternoon.

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Shame on Newsday

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Go figure this one out, Newsday, which is owned by Cablevision who also owns the Knicks and New York Rangers, has really been sticking it to the New York Islanders as of late. Once, the only local newspaper to actually show the team ANY love has pretty much joined the thinking of the rest: Why bother?

That’s at least what is appears anyway.

One day after the Islanders most complete game and best regulation win in Boston on Monday, I bought Newsday yesterday as I always do and looked for an article – there was nothing. To be fair, there was no Rangers article either. Today, there was an artcle on the Rangers, two pages on baseball, one for basketball, two on football, and two for high school sports. The only mention of the Islanders was an ad for a ticket package for Thanksgiving.

This lack of coverage comes on the heels of Newsday charging for access to their website, (free for Cablevision and Newsday subscribers) but it just doesn’t seem right to completely omit the Islanders. There have been numerous occasions where an article did not make the print edition, but was available online – shunning non-subs from reaching content beyond blogs.

I’ve been slacking with my blog, but I’ve been looking for a way to reinvent myself and find a way to do things that are not being done everywhere else.

It’s a big pie and I want the biggest piece I can get.

Thrashers at Islanders – Live Blog

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Hello once again from the Blog Box not so high above the ice here at Nassau Coliseum. Tonight’s matchup is between the Atlanta Thrashers and the New York Islanders.

Look’s like I am flying solo here with my live blog, as there are no other bloggers present. For shame, it’s going to be a quiet night here.

The Islanders are looking to reverse their recent losing streak of two game after winning four in a row and earning points in six straight contests. They will have to do so minus two comrades, as defenseman Radek Martinek is out indefinitely with a torn ACL suffered last night in New Jersey and also their Captain Doug Weight whom is sitting out with a dreadful upper body injury. At this time, it appears that Freddy Meyer will dress in place of Martinek, but I am not sure who will take Weight’s place. Recent healthy scratches Rob Shremp and Blake Comeau are both taking part in warm-ups as I type this, so I am sure we will learn who is going shortly.

Some notes about tonight’s game:

Tonight’s game is the first of four games the Islanders will play against the Thrashers this year. They will play them again on the road 12/3/09 and then at home 1/2/10 and away 3/4/10.

The Islanders all-time record against Atlanta is 19-13-4

The Islanders were 2-1-1 against Atlanta last season

The Islanders last win was a 5-4 victory on 1/29/09 in Atlanta and their last loss came on 12/23/08 by a score of 4-2 in Atlanta.

The Thrashers will be without their star forward Ilya Kovalchuk having recently placed him on the injured reserve. That doesn’t mean the Islanders will have an easy time because his booming point shot is missing. The Thrashers drafted a young talent in Evander Kane this past June and picked up some talent via free agency this past off season in Afinogenov, Antropov, Boulton, Hainsey, Popovic, Reasoner and White. Between Kane the recent free agent additions, the group has scored 45 pts.

The Thrashers record so far in the 2009/2010 season is 6-5-1 for a total of 13 points where they sit 12th in the Eastern Conference. The Thrashers are also 5-1-1 on the road, so watch out for a strong road game here tonight.

The last two games the Islanders have not played their game, this is evident by what head coach Scott Gordon has been saying and clearly in the result of the previous two losses. When the Islanders are on their game, they play really simple hockey. They beat the opposition to lose puck, have a strong forecheck, stay out of the penalty box and support the puck. The last two games, the Islanders have visited the box numerous times and some have been really lazy penalties (hooking and holding). The Islanders need to come out with intensity and score an early goal, set the tone physically and allow their goaltender to see every shot that comes through.

Blake Comeau will be taking the place of Doug Weight, as it was just announced. Getting ready for the start of the first period.

First Period

7:12pm And we’re off. Islanders lose the opening draw.
7:14pm A new line combination of Okposo, Neilsen and Bergenheim just generated a good scoring chance. Wonder if Gordon decided to shake up his lines tonight.
7:16pm Yup, Moulson, Park and Tavares followed by Tamby, Sim and Bailey
7:18pm Islanders fourth line consists of Comeau, Thompson and Jackman
7:21pm Streit and Nielsen just wen in on a two on one. Nice play off a turnover deep in the Islanders zone.
7:27pm End to end action here, an Atlanta chance with Roloson out of the net and then Jon Sim gets a breakaway. Of course, he missed though.
7:28pm Big Andy Sutton continues to be the story, puts the Islanders on the board first. Assisted by Tavares and Moulson
7:31pm Thrashers have iced the puck.
7:33pm I am loving how much our defense has been chipping in offensively this season – that is something GOOD teams do and something WINNING teams do also. What a novel concept!
7:35pm Zach Bogosian comes down the wing and takes a wrister that must have fooled Roloson as it looked like an innocent play on net – it snuck through his armpit and it’s a tie game.
7:39pm Islanders take the lead right back, they crashed the net and snuck one past Pavalec
7:39pm Bergenheim nets his first of the season assisted by Meyer and Witt (notice the defense being involved again?)
7:41pm Nice pressure by the Islanders for what seemed like five minutes, Tavares gets hauled down on the play and the Islanders have their first power play
7:46pm Even strength, some decent scoring chances – fast whistles on the rebounds though.
7:48pm A trip and a dive called on the same play – never understand those calls. 4 on 4 for two minutes
7:49pm Islanders get their third 3-1 Islanders
7:50pm Hillen’s first of the season, assisted by Comeau and Thompson

End of the First Period

Typically I would give some keys to the rest of the game and the upcoming periods in this spot. However, the Islanders are playing so well – I will just say – keep it up.

Second Period

8:08pm Islanders lose the opening draw again, maybe they will score another 3 goals this period. As I say that – Blake Comeau swoops in and scores his first of the season!
8:10pm Comeau his first from Thompson 4-1 Islanders
8:12pm Islanders are going to be down a man, Meyer 2 minutes for hooking
8:14pm Thrashers net a goal as the penalty was expiring, nothing really Roloson could do as it was a great play and a hard shot.
8:18pm Aside from that early second period goal by the Islanders, they are not playing the way they did during the first. They seem to be chasing the puck and are not as aggressive on their forecheck. Understandable because they have a lead, but don’t sit back.
8:26pm Witt just leveled Eric Boulton in front of Roloson. Islanders showing some life here, finally.
8:27pm Tavares chases down a lose puck, brings the defenders to him and dishes to Moulson, he SCORES 5-2 Islanders
8:30pm Fans here just gave Thrashers netminder Pavelec their opinion of him, I am 90% sure he waved at them…..
8:38pm Tavares was hit awkwardly into the boards and got the wind knocked out of him. Scary few minutes there.
8:39pm Hillen under pressure still got a point shot off, play is stopped.
8:40pm Hainsey just stepped in front of a Streit rip from the blueline – he does not look happy about blocking that shot and needed a second to compose himself.

And that’s the end of the second period.

For a stretch of the second period the Islanders were sitting back and not really dictating play. They were not physical and the forecheck wasn’t nearly as aggressive – in fact it was almost non-existent. However they came back for the second half of the period and started to get back on their game, we saw another goal and the Islanders are going to come out hungry – hopefully enough to give us fans double chilli!

Third Period

9:00pm Thrashers come out with a new goaltender, Hedberg
9:06pm Islanders are a man short, Park is in the box
9:09pm Roloson makes a nice stop, Islanders have just about killed off Park’s penalty.
9:10pm Thrashers are keeping the play deep in the Islanders zone even though the penalty is over, Islanders need to step up their game here
9:16pm And that’s not the way to do it, Witt was just called for slashing.
9:21pm Thrashers score on the power play, Roloson not happy about it and felt he was interfered with on the play.
9:23pm Islanders going on the power play. Let’s see if they can capitalize.
9:27pm Islanders get a four minute power play here, two for holding and two unsportsmanlike conduct
9:29pm Bailey scoressss 6-2 Still on the power play Double Chili! Assists to Streit and Roloson

Packing up the laptop to head downstairs, there is less than a minute remaining.

Standing ovation from the crowd, game over – Islanders win 6-3 and snap their two game slide.

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Oilers at Islanders – Live Blog

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Good evening folks!

Just setting up here in the Blog Box located at the top of Section 201 at Nassau Coliseum where the Islanders are set to take on the Edmonton Oilers. The Islanders are looking for their fourth consecutive win, which would extend their current season point scoring streak to six games. A personal achievement for myself and, this post marks number 500 after the last two and half years of blogging!

Your goaltender tonight is Dwayne Roloson whom, like his counterpart Martin Biron this past Saturday night against Buffalo, will face his former club. Rolie the goalie has been playing great as of late, hopefully his teammates in front of him allow him to see everything as he has been allowed to do for the last several games.

Another story tonight, Jeff Tambellini has been absolutely white hot scoring 5 goals in three games. During that span Tambellini has had two multi-goal games, one being his first two goal game and in the 5-0 shutout win over Buffalo Saturday, Tambellini netted his first career hat trick. Tambellini is now tied with Matt Moulson for the team high in goals scored at six.

Edmonton is coming off a 2-0 shutout loss in Boston this past Saturday night, so look for them to come out with a bit of intensity and fire. The Islanders need to stick to what has made them successful the last few games in order to weather the storm. Between their strong forecheck and strong play in front of the net, coupled with solid goaltending and defensive play – the Islanders should do just fine.

Live blog is upcoming, be sure to check back throughout the game. A bit of news in that department, I am testing a new feature that will allow live blogs to refresh automatically in the post window – which is pretty neat. You may have seen some accidental tweets today of that….all I have left to do is spruce up the code to make it look seamless with the site. I will let you all know when that is up and running!

First Period


Decent sized crowd for a Monday game when there is a deciding World Series game on TV (so wish I could watch right now while im here – LETS GO YANKEES!)

7:07pm Islanders lose the opening draw, Oilers come into the zone and take a heavy shot that misses high up to the glass.
7:09pm Oilers have iced the puck
7:10pm Islanders have now iced the puck themselves
7:15pm Oh jeez, Roloson got his first experience with the Coliseum carram right there – puck hit the corner boards and shot back at the net and Roloson went around the net….it hit the post on the empty side of the net. Roloson did his best to stay with it and had a look of disgust/surprise as he waved his arms trying to stay balanced.
7:18pm Islanders with an extremely aggressive and effective forecheck here generating chances.
7:19pm Brendan Witt and Zack Stortini face to face setting up a dance for later on?
7:22pm Gagne loose around the net is never a good thing, Roloson was forced to make a sprawling save. Isles need to limit those chances.
7:22pm Oilers Patrick O’Sullivan with a nifty move to get go the front of the net, the Islanders defense forced him wide and gave him NOTHING.
7:28pm Oilers are on the board first, a bank shot off of Roloson from behind the net by Ethan Moreau
7:30pm Alex Hemsky just dipsy-doodles through the crease and gets Rolson moving, but he somehow managed to get a leg on it. It was close to being 2-0 there. Islanders need to buckle down and play their game.
7:33pm Tavares is found with room in front, game is tied! Assisted by Moulson and Weight
7:37pm Jon Sim pretty much got deposited over the boards in front of the Oilers bench.
7:40pm Andy Sutton just LEVELED Tom Gilbert and Jean-Francois Jacques came flying in to seek revenge. Sutton leveled him too and they proceeded to throw haymakers. Sutton gets the win of that fight, in a HUGE way. Atta boy Sutts!

Jacques got 2 minutes for instigating, 5 for fighting and a 10 minute misconduct. Islanders power play got them through the rest of the period, but the couldn’t maintain the Oilers zone. They will have an abbreviated penalty when the teams return for the second period.

The Islanders started off a bit slow, allowed too many chances but they managed to pull through and buckle down (as I suggested they SHOULD!). With the scored tied, it’s basically a brand new game. The game is still up for grabs momentum wise, so let’s hope that big Andy Sutton’s handy work at the end of the period will give the Islananders the lift they need.

Second Period

8:01pm Islanders win the opening draw to start the second and force Edmonton offsides.
8:03pm Martinek rushes the puck and Bergenheim gets the puck and made a strong move to the front but was stopped.
8:03pm I think Witt just scored…
8:05pm Witt with his annual goal, his first of the season assisted by Nielsen 2-1 Islanders
8:09pm Witt is a textbook case of “Just throw it at the net and just find out what happens”.

Sim just goaded Smid to drop his gloves – he did and Sim just skated away leaving Smid no chance to collect his equipment or get into the play. Hysterical, never have seen that ever.

8:13pm Islanders just had some nice pressure deep in the Oilers zone – smart passing from Weight and Nielsen lead to shots from Tambellini and Streit.
8:16pm More awesome pressure by the Islanders, Okposo, Tavares and Moulson are really making things happen out there tonight. The Islanders collectively hemmed the Oilers in their zone for almost two full shifts.
8:20pm This cannot be right, Brendan Witt just scored again? 3-1 Islanders From Tambellini and Weight

Final minute of the Second Period

Islanders will finish the period on a power play and will have 1:43 of power play to start the third period.

Who would have known coming into tonight’s game that Brendan Witt would have the first multi-goal game of his career and shed away two more points in his plus/minus column? If players like Tambellini and Jackman are secondary scoring, what exactly is Brendan Witt? Whatever the case or shall I say cause, the Islanders are firing on all of their cylinders once again tonight. They have the Oilers running around scared, confused and flat out panicking. It’s good to see teams fear the New York Islanders, let’s hope they can keep the pressure up going into the third period!

Third Period

8:51pm Islanders win the opening draw, trying to get something going on their powerplay.
8:55pm Witt is out and down low, he can smell and taste his third – likely the last time he will ever get this close….no offense Witter.
8:58pm Dustin Penner just got called for Goaltender interference, he slammed Roloson’s head into the ice as he fell on top of him too. Islanders powerplay.
9:03pm Sutton just plastered Horcoff into the glass near the Blog Box, he is on point with his timing tonight!
9:04pm Oilers will be a man down here, Taylor Chorney two minutes for hooking
9:08pm Oilers fan in a Dustin Penner jersey was standing up, I told him to sit down – he did surprisingly. Then I told him Ken Dick of Okposo Net said it….
9:11pm Witt just got leveled, got up and got the puck…made a play. He is a warrior.
9:19pm Islanders wearing out the rest of the period here by playing grinder hockey – loving it.
9:24pm Witt missed the open net by two feet for his hat trick
9:26pm Okposo and Ganger off for roughing – 4 aside for the rest of the third

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