Shame on Newsday

Go figure this one out, Newsday, which is owned by Cablevision who also owns the Knicks and New York Rangers, has really been sticking it to the New York Islanders as of late. Once, the only local newspaper to actually show the team ANY love has pretty much joined the thinking of the rest: Why bother?

That’s at least what is appears anyway.

One day after the Islanders most complete game and best regulation win in Boston on Monday, I bought Newsday yesterday as I always do and looked for an article – there was nothing. To be fair, there was no Rangers article either. Today, there was an artcle on the Rangers, two pages on baseball, one for basketball, two on football, and two for high school sports. The only mention of the Islanders was an ad for a ticket package for Thanksgiving.

This lack of coverage comes on the heels of Newsday charging for access to their website, (free for Cablevision and Newsday subscribers) but it just doesn’t seem right to completely omit the Islanders. There have been numerous occasions where an article did not make the print edition, but was available online – shunning non-subs from reaching content beyond blogs.

I’ve been slacking with my blog, but I’ve been looking for a way to reinvent myself and find a way to do things that are not being done everywhere else.

It’s a big pie and I want the biggest piece I can get.

Michael Schuerlein

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