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Here we are folks, home game number 12 as the Islanders complete their warmup skate to the sound of Jay-Z – which I am gladly singing here in the Blog Box. It appears, for at least the moment – that I am all alone here in the Box, but hopefully that will change as we get closer to game time.

Once the music stops, I will start doing my live steam of pregame thoughts. Ok, I waited for an opporunity where it wasn’t crazy loud to do the live blog and it never came. Constant announcements and music.

New Islanders goal song, Brohymn by Pennywise as it was just announced here at the Coliseum!

First Period

7:10pm Islanders control the opening draw – they are deep in the Bruins zone.
7:14pm Islanders benefit from a Boston too many men penalty, first Islanders power play.
7:15pm Shremp scores his first assisted by Moulson and Okposo
7:18pm Pretty sure that was Shremp’s first NHL goal, he celebrated like it was. It featured a low down fist pump on one knee, a jump into Streit’s arms and a swarm of bodies in the Bruins zone.
7:21pm Another note, Tavares doesn’t HAVE to score now. But he will…that’s what he does.
7:24pm Sim with a HUGE hit on Chara, it was a site to see. Play goes down the other end and Roloson keeps the score 1-0 Islanders
7:26pm Second Islanders power play coming up – 2 minutes for hooking to Wideman
7:29pm So on this power play, the Isles have gone off sides and then iced the puck. Not good.
7:31pm Teams are even up, Islanders 1 for 2 on the power play tonight
7:33pm After hitting the Iron the shift before, Boston breaks into the zone and the Islanders literally watch as they tie the game 1-1
7:41pm After icing the puck and going off sides numerous times, the Bruins appear to have scored and it’s under review. It looked like a high stick from my angle.

End of the first period

Kyle Okposo had a chance at the end of the period, but shanked his shot – he went to the bench and once there – broke his stick over his leg in frustration. Can’t say I blame him, although that was $200 down the drain there.

Islanders looked ok in the first few minutes of the period, but allowed the Bruins a chance to get back in the game and they did so promptly. Keep up the forecheck and the pressure and make Boston take some more penalties. However, that said – their last 6 or 7 goals scored have ALL come on the man advantage so it would be nice to see some even strength tallies. Let’s see if they can manage that in the second period.

Second Period

8:01pm Islanders come out to their new goal song, again – Brohymn by Pennywise
8:02pm Bruins win the opening draw in this frame, but the Islanders gain control and sneak a shot in on Thomas
8:03pm Draw deep in the Islanders zone, pushed wide by the Bruins and the Islanders break out and wheel down low.
8:06pm Bruins just beat out an icing call in the Islanders zone (duh) for the second time tonight.
8:07pm Thomas tested often tonight, comes up big time after time though.
8:08pm Comeau hauled down, no call and moves the puck to the point. Thomas makes the stop and smothers it.
8:16pm I had to step away for a minute for an interview of sorts, but as soon as I got back the Bruins scored on a pretty passing play.
8:20pm Jon Sim just got called for interference. Islanders on the penalty kill
8:23pm Sim gets out of the box and Chara completely flipped the stick out of his hands and about 15 feet off the ice after the play.
8:25pm Jack Hillen did not return after blocking a shot and limping off the ice in the first. Now we have way too many d-men hurt.
8:26pm Moulson makes it 2-2 assisted by Tavares and Okposo

End of the second period

Much better effort towards the end of the second, Islanders allowed Boston to get on top – but they finished the period strong and got the equalizer. Score is tied, shots are tied – it’s a pretty even game which should make the third that much more interesting.

Third Period

8:52pm Third period under way!
8:55pm Shremp handcuffed on a pass and got creamed at the Bruins blueline. Boston going on a power play here. Bruno Gervais for tripping.
8:57pm Great kill for the first minute and a half here, some good defensive plays by Comeau and Park
8:58pm Roloson just came up HUGE. Makes up for the puck he whiffed at glove side on Boston’s first goal. Even strength.
9:04pm Meyer just took a really stupid interference penalty. What were you thinking?
9:07pm His team rallies together to kill Meyer’s penalty, great work by Park and Thompson with Witt helping clear the puck as well.
9:08pm In other news, I did NOT win tonight’s 50-50 raffle – boooo
9:11pm Rolloson continue to be solid for the Islanders, the Bruins are relentlessly screening him and he’s managing to get his body on the puck somehow. They need to CLEAR OUT THE FRONT!
9:21pm Islanders being out shot by a wide margin and not really generating any of their own pressure. Big hit by Comeau, maybe that will get them going.
9:23pm Boston went offsides, 12.7 seconds left in the third


Islanders find themselves in familiar territory here tonight, going into overtime for what seems like the 20th time this season. They earned that point here, let’s see if they can steal the extra point in the extra frame.

Tavares wit an amazing feed to Nielsen and he scoressssssssss on a breakaway 3-2 Islanders winnnnn

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