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So Nassau Wants A Casino?

Posted by on 27 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News, Rant

Ok, let me get this straight:

Nassau County has been dragging it’s feet regarding the Lighthouse Project for years – it’s now spanned two County Executives and two Hempstead Supervisors (and party lines mind you). Those opposed to the LHP, claimed that traffic, the drain of their community’s shopping and the type of people housing would bring, as being deal breakers for them.

In what must be some sort of sick joke, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is talking to the Shinnecock Indian Tribe about building a resort and casino along with a new arena?!?

Let me see here, the LHP wouldn’t have enough police and press the county to hire more, traffic would be an issue, housing an issue, the buildings an eyesore and “a small city” – but yet a CASINO in the middle of Nassau County is perfectly acceptable? Sure, I don’t see for one minute how traffic would be less, crime less, and whatever else comes along with a casino could be better.

Oh wait, it’s about tax revenue – I get it.

I am really perplexed about this, read more at Newsday.

This concludes my rant for today.

NHL Draft Lotto Live!

Posted by on 13 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog

8:00pm Just turned on Versus – they are giving some background on some of the top picks in this years NHL entry draft.

8:02pm Showing a video of the borrowed NY lottery picker – lol

8:08pm Ken Morrow up on the TSN set, as he was last year. Garth Snow is the only GM not attending (luck he claims). They just joked with Morrow, calling him a good luck charm.

8:10pm 7thWoman just proclaimed on Twitter that Morrow looks HUGE on stage next to everyone else. I say it makes him look even luckier!

8:13pm It’s all Taylor vs Tyler apparently – so their videos keep saying.

8:20pm They are about to start – nerves are starting. 8.1% chance the Islanders move up….

Top Five Picks:

#5 – Islanders
#4 – Columbus
#3 – Panthers
#2 – Bruins
#1 – Oilers

And like that, the Islanders own the 5th pick and do not move up or down. If history proves anything here, that pick could very well be on the move (up I hope this time Garth). I guess LA will be a little exciting this year after all.

2010 NHL Draft Lottery

Posted by on 13 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, General

Well everyone, tonight is the night – it’s the night we all see if the balls fall in the Islanders favor or if the team’s pick will drop as low as the sixth overall.

The chance that the Islanders move up from the 5th selection is 8.1%, their best chance is to stay at number 5 which is what happened two years ago when they selected Bailey (the Islanders traded the 5th for the 7th and eventually the 9th to select Bailey). The worst case scenario tonight, is that their selection drops one slot to number 6 overall. Check out my post from last year with all the John Tavares craziness.

A bunch of crazy things have happened – here is a handy table with all the past lottery results (well for the first overall selection) since the inception of the lottery in 1995:


Year Selected Effect On Draft Order Player Selected
1995 Los Angeles Moved from 7th to 3rd D Aki Berg
1996 Ottawa Retained 1st selection D Chris Phillips
1997 Boston Retained 1st selection C Joe Thornton
1998 Tampa Bay Moved from 3rd to 1st via trades C Vincent Lecavalier
1999 Chicago Moved from 8th to 4th RW Pavel Brendl *
2000 NY Islanders Moved from 5th to 1st G Rick DiPietro
2001 Atlanta Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Ilya Kovalchuk
2002 Florida Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Rick Nash **
2003 Florida Moved from 4th to 1st G Marc-Andre Fleury ***
2004 Washington Moved from 3rd to 1st LW Alex Ovechkin
2005 Pittsburgh n/a (Lockout) C Sidney Crosby
2006 St. Louis Retained 1st selection D Erik Johnson
2007 Chicago Moved from 5th to 1st RW Patrick Kane
2008 Tampa Bay Retained 1st selection C Steven Stamkos
2009 NY Islanders Retained 1st selection C John Tavares

* NY Rangers obtained Chicago’s pick in a trade (via Vancouver and Tampa Bay). The Rangers
selected RW Pavel Brendl fourth overall.
** Columbus obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Blue Jackets selected LW Rick Nash first overall.
*** Pittsburgh obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Penguins selected G Marc-Andre Fleury
first overall.

There is a lot more history on the past draft lotteries, head on over to the NHL’s site for all of that.

Here is what the New York Islanders have up on their page as well.

Once the lottery begins, I will put up another post with a live blog!

Penguins at Islanders: Final Live Blog

Posted by on 11 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Well here we are, an early Sunday game and the season finale for the Islanders.

Good afternoon Islanders fans, it’s been a great season in a few ways. As I said earlier this week, it’s not the end of the world that the team did not make the playoffs as there has been growth and experience by everyone in the organization all the way down to Bridgeport.

Next season, Tavares will be a year older and stronger – you can say the same for a handful of other members of the team as well. It’s going to be exciting next season watching these young guys come in and understand the game better. The team is growing together, and that isn’t something the Islanders have been able to experience in quite a while.

This game, more specifically a loss here against the Penguins is extremely important in terms of lottery and draft position. If the Islanders lose and the Panthers beat Tampa in overtime, they can finish with as high as the third overall draft pick. Throw in crazy three point games and an Isles win tonight and it gets more complicated. As always, Chris Botta has everything mapped out for you and even predicted a situation that could happen in a post last week. It’s going to be fun to watch and root for other teams tonight.

The Islanders fourth line tonight is made of – count them – three callups from the Bridgeport Sound Tigers ALL fighters. I joked with Islanders PR man Seth Slyvan that the team was looking to set a single game penalty minute record by a line. It’s a real life version of the Bash Brothers from the cult-movie classic Slapshot.

At least we know the game will be entertaining….

Speaking of entertaining, I watched a majority of the Penguins lineup kicking a soccer ball around for about 45 minutes. They get kinda crazy with these pre-game rituals and warm ups.

First Period

5:10pm And we’re off. Penguins have had two shots already.
5:15pm Penguins on the board first, Malkin on the Pens fifth shot of the game.
5:16pm Islanders power play – get Moulson out there please. He needs number 30, and he almost got it.
5:19pm They failed to score on the power play, I think they only had one shot on goal.
5:23pm Rechlicz and Rupp just fought, Joel clocked Rupp with one punch and dropped him – although he got back up right away.
5:24pm Penguins score again – 2-0 on their 7th shot. Now the Isles can really focus on getting Moulson his 30th and make me not lose my sanity.
5:27pm Gillies called for interference – bad call.
5:32pm Islanders power play
5:34pm And even up, Streit off for interference.
5:35pm Hunter came down the right wing, fired a wrist shot and hit the inside of the far post. Park couldn’t get to the rebound. Penguins on a one minute power play.
5:40pm Guerin to the box for interference.
5:42pm Crosby just scored his 50th of the season and now owns the point lead over Ovechkin. Lots of Pens fans here.

End of the first period.

We just watched the Flyers defeat the Rangers and make the playoffs.

Islanders scored (Tavares) on a five on three – not much else to report about this period, the Islanders were outplayed in every facet.

Second Period

6:10pm I leave to get a pretzel and I miss the action. Crosby scores again and now has the lead. And Jackman tried to take his cage off in order to fight – Crosby wound up with a double minor.
6:13pm Moulson scores his 30th on the power play!
6:16pm Rechlicz and Godard 5 for fighting. Jackman and Malkin are both sitting for unsportsmanlike conduct. I think Rechlicz got a misconduct on his fight too – he’s not in the penalty box.
6:22pm Malkin and Jackman come out, he went right to him and hit him – Malkin cowered like a little kid. Malkin got two[ minutes unsportsmanlike and interference – Jackman two for unsportsmanlike and a ten minute misconduct.
6:28pm Great Isles power play, they have had quite a few chances here this period.
6:32pm Hunter looks like his former self here tonight, hungry and shooting the puck a lot.
6:34pm Haley in the box, for interference.
6:35pm Malkin on the power play – 5-2 Penguins
6:45pm Haley to the box for goaltender interference – he may have blown out his knee on a play, helped off the ice – Tambellini serving the penalty.
6:50pm Final minute of the second period

Well, if that wasn’t even worse of a period then the first I don’t know what is. Lots of penalties, lots of fights and lots of Penguins goals. We saw Crosby score 50 and then 51, but Matt Moulson notched his 30th and Tavares got his 23rd so it wasn’t a total loss that period. It’s good at least to see some of the young players reach milestones, which gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. At least for now.

Third Period

THIS IS IT, the final twenty minutes of the season. And as Ken Dick of Okposo.net says “It ends with Soundgarden”

7:10pm And we’re off.
7:16pm Okposo scores from a sharp angle
7:17pm And now Sim scores deflecting a Hunter shot and the Islanders pull into one goal 5-4 Penguins

They need to stop scoring, it’s bad enough Tampa beat the Panthers

7:25pm Gervais in the box for interference – Penguins power play – they better score
7:28pm Hillen in the box this is like Christmas day
7:36pm Pittsburgh failed to score on their two previous power plays, this is not acceptable.
7:39pm Islanders tie the game, Meyer from Okposo and Moulson
7:45pm Leave it to the Islanders to screw up draft position by forcing overtime.


And if they Islanders lose in overtime, we can still have the 5th overall pick – glancing at the standing anyway.

Yesssss Pens score in OT and we get the number 5 pick next week!

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Montreal at Islanders: Live Blog

Posted by on 06 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

T-Minus two.

Yep, this is the second to last home game of the season – a season unlike last year in terms of injury and countless streaks of ineffectiveness. Instead, the Islanders have been entertaining to watch, sometimes dominating teams they had no business winning against – at least on paper.

It’s been about the kids, and not just the young players on the Islanders – but throughout the organization. The Islanders have a core group of young players coming up through the ranks, it’s nice to see players down in Bridgeport get their look up here and give us a taste of the future – and what Garth Snow and Ryan Jankowski have been doing behind the scenes the last few seasons.

The Islanders are coming off back to back impressive wins at home against the Flyers and the Ottawa Senators – should they win tonight it would be one very impressive three-peat. While I love to see my Islanders do well, I also have no problem with losses, as it gives us a better chance at a top five draft pick.

Sitting here typing up this pre-game piece; the Montreal fans are ALREADY loud. They always show up in droves, regardless of what time of year or what day of the week it is. Unfortunately this time, there are a few directly behind me so it’s a bit frustrating trying to concentrate with them yelling at my ear level.

The scratches tonight for the Islanders, Bruno Gervais and Jeff Tambellini. Islanders goaltender, Martin Biron.

First Period

7:11pm Islanders control the opening draw and take it deep into the Go Habs Go zone….ooops I mean Habs zone.
7:13pm Bailey sits for two minutes for interfering with Kostitsyn
7:16pm Islanders kill off the penalty and only allow two shots on goal.
7:19pm Isles have had a few scoring chances, but Halak has been up to task. You would think we were in a battle for playoff position with the Habs the way the fans are yelling all game.
7:27pm Lots of back and forth action – but it’s not very exciting so far, more like a tennis match.
7:30pm Islanders score! Bergenheim with a great behind the back pass to Comeau who rips a shot past Halak for a 1-0 lead. Bergy gets the lone assist.
7:37pm Oh baby, Park just looked up to the heavens because he was robbed on a great chance in front.
7:39pm Gill hooks Bailey who falls into Halak and we have a power play. Gillies popped Gill in the face, then another random player – no penalties. Talk about an agitator.
7:41pm Islanders come up short on the power play, but did manage to get some decent shots off on Halak.

End of the First Period

Another slow start to the first period, but the Islanders manage to finish the period with a 1-0 lead and hold the edge in shots 15-5. They kept the Habs from even getting a shot on goal for periods of 4 and 6 minutes respectively this period. If they continue their strong play into the second, there is a good chance they get into the third still up at least a goal.

Second Period

7:59pm Second period underaway, Islanders had some pressure early now the Habs are mounting an attack.
8:03pm Okposo with a diving jab at a pass to break it up – don’t know how he got that one as it was mid-air.
8:06pm Habs are waking up for sure, they have two shots….this period.
8:09pm Well, Montreal finds a way to tie this game up on their 10th shot – it’s all tied up 1-1 and the Habs fans awaken from their slumber.
8:12pm Bailey with his second penalty of the night, this time for hooking
8:13pm 2-1 Habs, PP goal and like that the Islanders collapse
8:15pm Tavares leads a two on one, but got jammed up and couldn’t get a pass off.
8:21pm Reese gets in the way of a point shot by the Habs and it trickles right to Biron who covers it for a stoppage. Shot count is now 21-16 in favor of the Islanders.
8:27pm Some penalties here, Hunter for the Islanders and Markov for the Habs – looks like two each, Hunter for roughing, Markov for slashing.
8:31pm Sim takes some contact and then a cross check from Gomez – Islanders power play with 1:32 remaining in the second period.

End of the Second Period

Well, that did not go according to play at all. The Islanders are going to the locker room down a goal for the first time in over six periods – can they find what it takes to rally and finish out their 28 seconds worth of power play?

Third Period

8:51pm Islanders win the opening draw again, carry it out and lose control – Habs dump it back into the Islanders zone and the power play is over.
8:54pm Bergenheim goes inside outside on a Habs defender alone and BLASTS a shot over Halak’s glove off the crossbar to tie the game. I mean, BLASTS. Assisted by Reese (who has a point streak now).
9:01pm Tavares was robbed by Halak on a point blank chance.
9:02pm Habs come back and get the go-ahead on Biron to make it 3-2
9:09pm Jackman was just leveled near the Habs blueline – he got up and hit the first person he was near.
9:15pm Biron with a big glove save through traffic – chants of Biron in both French and English rain down from the stands – oddly enough.
9:21pm Frans Nielsen with the game tying goal with two minutes remaining. Assisted by Park and Bergenheim.

End of Regulation

Ok, so two times tonight I was talking about how it would be nice to take a loss like tonight – hard fought and a close entertaining game. What do the Isles do? Tie the game with two minutes left. Figures.


9:27pm Some chances each way the first minute here in overtime, Biron with a big blocker save to deflect the puck out of play.
9:29pm Team defense saves a goal for the Isles, Bailey gets robbed the other direction. Would’ve been his third overtime winner this season.
9:30pm Islanders power play – Kostitsyn for hooking
9:32pm Timeout Montreal – Okposo just had the entire blocker side high and shot it right into Halak’s crest.

End of Overtime

Heading into a shootout, Islanders are 0/3 on the power play

Moulson – GOAL
Lappierriere – NO GOAL
Nielsen – GOAL (Patented backhand)
Cammallieri – NO GOAL

Islanders win 4-3 in a shootout

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Senators at Islanders: Live Blog

Posted by on 03 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Good afternoon.

It’s sunny, it’s warm and that only means one thing. The season is coming to a close.

Today the Islanders take on Andy Sutton and the Ottawa Senators. Walking around the concourse there are a TON of Sens fans. I love seeing fans make the trip south from Canada to Long Island. That’s a dedicated hockey fan and it makes me wish I had the time to travel around to see my team!

The Isles are all but eliminated from the playoffs at this time, they are playing for pride and respect mostly – and also giving the younger players and veterans alike the chance to rally together and build on their growing trust and sense of teamwork.

The Islanders played great the other night against Philly, it should prove to be an interesting afternoon for sure.

Not sure I can stick around for the entire game or the post game today, I have my own ice hockey game at 6:30 tonight.

First Period

2:15pm And we’re off. Islanders get the puck out of the zone and take it down into the Senators end.
2:17pm Blake Comeau already with a shot from the point today, may have been blocked but he’s really come on strong here at the end of the season.
2:20pm Sim with a big hit on Carkner
2:22pm Bergenheim with time and space in the slot, he missed the net
2:23pm Hunter’s shot blocked from the blueline – Senators are doing a good job of stepping in front of shots.
2:28pm Biron with a big save through traffic, there was a scrum in front and the Islanders may be going on a power play – Ruutu for roughing.
2:30pm Some nice passing down low finds Moulson at the doorstep but he was denied.
2:32pm Comeau with another shot towards the end of the power play, Islanders are now 0/1. There was also a penalty on Bergenheim in the offensive zone for high sticking.
2:36pm Senators power play looks great here, thankfully Biron and the penalty killers have been equally strong.
2:40pm Tavares going to the box for interference, it was a bad call – they were battling for the puck. He was getting an explanation from the referee as well – at least he wasn’t pitching a fit.
2:43pm Streit with a great block on the penalty kill.

Final Minute

Wow Bergenheim and Foligno fight after the end of the period, it was more of a wrestling match for Bergy – who caught a few punches to the head.

After one period, both teams remain scoreless and the shot count remains relatively close, 12-7 giving the Senators a slight edge over the Islanders. There hasn’t been much going on otherwise this period, no great chances either way – as both teams appeared flat here in the first. The team who scores first will most likely leave here this afternoon victorious.

Second Period

3:08pm Islanders win the opening draw and control the puck in the Senators zone to start the period.
3:10pm Comeau gains the zone and makes a nice move to get room and finds Tavares streaking to the net and roofs it over Elliott to give the Islanders a 1-0 lead. Assists to Comeau and Okposo.
3:11pm Hunter with a chance down low right after the Islanders goal, Elliott made a big save.
3:13pm Great pass to get into the zone, Reese comes down the wing and fires a shot, it may have been tipped and the score is now 2-0
3:15pm Goal by Reese assisted by Park and Meyer
3:25pm Hillen scores, assisted by Park and Jackman

I just realized I was completely into this game and have forgotten to live blog.

3:27pm Hunter in the box for boarding. Islanders need to kill this penalty to keep momentum in their favor.
3:30pm Islanders kill off the penalty, Sens had some good chances – shot count is 16-15 Sens
3:40pm Bergenheim with a big hit along the far side boards on Kelly.

End of the Second Period

Who is this team?

Islanders came out in the second period flying and scored three quick goals the result of some really great passing. They have now played well for 40 minutes, can they come out the same in the last 20? This game has a lot of the same feel as the Flyers game.

Oh by the way, Campoli has deflected two of the Islanders shots tonight….so technically he has two Islanders goals. Different team, same problem. Sorry Campy.

Stay tuned.

Third Period

4:00pm Islanders chasing the puck for the start of the third period.
4:03pm Some fighting going on, started by Neil – Gillies and Carkner. Senators should have some extra penalties. Ruutu had Nielsen down on the ice and threw punches at him. Ruutu got a 10 minute misconduct. Going to take time to sort this one out. Gillies also got a 10 minute misconduct and was just yelling at Neil as he skated past the box.
4:09pm Bergenheim finds the rebound and buries it for a 4-0 lead. Assists to Tavares and Comeau
4:15pm Neil went in to hit Meyer and missed, he went headlong into the boards and play needed to be stopped. Poetic justice in my eyes.
4:18pm Sim must have said something good to Sutton, he got a rough, cross check and a game misconduct for his response. Isles have a 4 minute power play.
4:27pm Senators on the board, Biron gave up a shot high glove side – even after all the strong glove work the last two games.
4:35pm Gillies ready to vacate the box, as soon as there is a stoppage (well if). 1:16 left

Final Islanders 4 – Senators 1

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Flyers at Islanders: Live Blog

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Back in action once again tonight, this time it’s the season wrap up against the team the Islanders just cannot seem to figure out – the Philadelphia Flyers. The Islanders have not beaten the Flyers in a staggering 15 games – straight. Per the Islanders preview of tonight’s game, they have also been outscored 51-25 in that span of games. No wonder why they’ve been dominated.

Perhaps that all will change tonight though, the Flyers come into the Coliseum confident and hungry for the points as they find themselves looking to claim one of the final three playoff positions in the Eastern Conference. Can the Islanders play spoilers? It would be a nice confidence boost for this young squad for sure.

Right from the Flyers head coach, Peter Laviolette had this to say on the very subject:

“Any team is capable of beating any team on any given night. The team that works the hardest and executes better usually wins the game.

“I know that the Islanders are capable of beating us, so we better be ready to make sure we’re ready to beat them. They have a good hockey team and play hard, so it won’t be easy.”

If the Islanders come out tonight playing like they did for the first 20 minutes of the loss to the Rangers the other night, for 60 minutes – they should have no problem beating these Flyers tonight.

I guess we are about to find out.

One lone blogger I be, tonight. Boo.

First Period

7:08pm Flyers control the opening draw. As some kids sprint behind me almost knocking me over in the sacred Blog Box area.
7:11pm Islanders appear to have scored from a point shot, under review currently (for what I do not know exactly).
7:12pm Tavares mat have tipped in Comeau’s shot, they are checking to see if it was hit with a high stick.
7:15pm After a lengthy review, it was not hit with a high stick – 1-0 Islanders lead with 17:33 remaining in the first. Goal scored by Comeau assisted by Tavares, now we know why it wasn’t a high stick.
7:20pm Islanders have tested Boucher early and often, he is all over his crease tonight.
7:35pm WOW two goals in less than a minute and it’s 3-0 Islanders.

Second goal scored by Comeau assisted by Tavares
Third goal, scored by Nielsen assisted by Sim and Hunter

7:34pm Flyers just iced the puck for the fourth or fifth time, safe to say the Isles forecheck is effective tonight. Flyers are beginning to show some life though, Islanders need to stem the tide and continue their strong play.
7:37pm Hunter with a hard shot on Boucher, it was the Isles first since their third goal.
7:38pm Okposo going strong behind Biron gets hauled down by Hartnell, Islanders power play coming up.
7:47pm Final minute
7:48pm Islanders have iced the puck with 7.2 seconds remaining.

Before I get all ahead of myself, that was ONE HECK of a period by the Islanders. However, as we have seen time and time again this season, the Islanders need to put in more than 20 minutes of an effort if they want to win here tonight.

What about that guy Blake Comeau?

He has two goals tonight, two goals against the Rangers and this is his second time scoring multiple goals in back to back (and even back to back to back) games this season. He really must love those new sticks.

The team needs to stay sharp defensively, keep the pressure on with the forecheck, and generate shots – lots of shots, but not just from anywhere – they need to be from scoring areas as they have been doing. If they can keep everything up, no reason why they cannot go into the locker room with a lead after 40 minutes of hockey.

Second Period

8:06pm Second period underway, Flyers carry the puck right into the Islanders zone and put pressure on before they are able to swing it back down briefly.
8:08pm Jackman gives up his body in an attempt to block a shot, it wound up trickling wide.
8:09pm Bailey was hit up high and raised his arms in frustration.
8:10 Bergenheim scoresssss makes it 4-0 How about this line of Tavares, Comeau and Bergenheim?
8:12pm Bergenheim from Streit – it was the second flukey goal scored on Boucher tonight. This time it was banked in off his skate and between his pad and the post. Great play in my eyes.
8:14pm Meyer to the box for roughing.
8:17pm Islanders kill off that penalty and do not allow a shot on goal.
8:20pm Biron with a great save on an opportunity by Hartnell. He came all the way across his crease to make a pad save.
8:22pm Gillies and Cote have a few words and then Gillies destroys Cote. They are still talking in the box, will we see round two?
8:28pm Bergenheim nails Bartulis along the nearside boards. Islanders have been stepping it up in the hits department this period.
8:37pm With 1:45 remaining in the second period, the Islanders are headed to the power play, interference called on Leino.
8:39pm Moulson and Tavares each had great shots on net, but were both robbed by Boucher.

End of the Second Period

Another great period, but not as great as the first. The Islanders allowed the Flyers to get back into the game, although they scored another goal themselves – the lead stays at three goals (Isles lead 4-1).

We saw a little bit of everything this period, great penalty kill, a power play that was getting some shots off and lots of hitting. They Islanders have out played the Flyers for 40 minutes, can they come in strong for the final 20? We shall see.

Third Period

8:59pm Flyers win the draw, enter the zone and take a shot that is deflected into the crowd by Biron.
9:00pm Islanders are now 0/2 on the power play tonight.
9:03pm Hunter scores! Assists to Nielsen and Sim. Hunter’s goal was the result of great hand eye coordination by Sim, who knocked the puck out of the air and started the rush. Flyers yank Boucher who has allowed 5 goals on 24 shots.
9:05pm Islanders on the penalty kill, Okposo for high sticking.
9:05pm After a marvelous defensive play by Hillen, van Riemsdyk slides a rebound through Biron’s legs and it’s 5-2.
9:12pm Islanders are now being out shot by the Flyers 29 to 24.
9:14pm Islanders power play, Hartnell to the box for goaltender interference.
9:18pm Islanders are now 0/3 on the power play. They have also iced the puck two times since their PP expired. 9:06 left in the third.
9:20pm SIM SCORESSSSS. What a game by Sim tonight. 6-2 Islanders, Double Chili!! Assists to Bergenheim and Reese
9:21pm Gillies sticks Cote in the back of the leg going to the bench and gets called for a slash after the play is over. They exchanged words as he headed to the box. Good for him for trying to get him going.
9:26pm Biron just caught a puck to the mask off a slap shot and it deflected out of play. He just shrugged it off and said “All in a days work!”.
9:29pm Briere scores on a wraparound that was decided a goal well after the play. 6-3 in favor of the Isles.
9:31pm Flyers score another, make it 6-4

The streak ends at 15 for these Islanders, as they have FINALLY defeated the Flyers by a score of 6-4.

Shot total Flyers 35 – Isles 28

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Rhett Rakhshani Agrees to Deal

Posted by on 01 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Signings, Sound Tigers

I know this is yesterday’s news, but I just wanted to direct you all to the entry I had posted as it happened last night on Bleacher Report.

I just received word from the New York Islanders that they have come to terms with forward prospect Rhett Rakhshani.

Rakhshani, who just recently completed his collegiate hockey career with the University of Denver, has agreed to a three-year entry-level contract with the Islanders.

The 24-year-old Rakhshani, who was drafted 100th overall in the fourth round of the 2006 entry draft by the Islanders, played for four years for the Pioneers, finishing his career with 60 goals and 91 assists for 151 points in 156 games. Rakhshani averaged more than a point per game in his senior year—scoring 21 goals and 29 assists for 50 points in 41 games.

Head on over to Bleacher Report check out the rest of the article.