2010 NHL Draft Lottery

Well everyone, tonight is the night – it’s the night we all see if the balls fall in the Islanders favor or if the team’s pick will drop as low as the sixth overall.

The chance that the Islanders move up from the 5th selection is 8.1%, their best chance is to stay at number 5 which is what happened two years ago when they selected Bailey (the Islanders traded the 5th for the 7th and eventually the 9th to select Bailey). The worst case scenario tonight, is that their selection drops one slot to number 6 overall. Check out my post from last year with all the John Tavares craziness.

A bunch of crazy things have happened – here is a handy table with all the past lottery results (well for the first overall selection) since the inception of the lottery in 1995:



* NY Rangers obtained Chicago’s pick in a trade (via Vancouver and Tampa Bay). The Rangers
selected RW Pavel Brendl fourth overall.
** Columbus obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Blue Jackets selected LW Rick Nash first overall.
*** Pittsburgh obtained Florida’s pick in a trade. The Penguins selected G Marc-Andre Fleury
first overall.

There is a lot more history on the past draft lotteries, head on over to the NHL’s site for all of that.

Here is what the New York Islanders have up on their page as well.

Once the lottery begins, I will put up another post with a live blog!

Michael Schuerlein

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