NHL Draft Lotto Live!

8:00pm Just turned on Versus – they are giving some background on some of the top picks in this years NHL entry draft.

8:02pm Showing a video of the borrowed NY lottery picker – lol

8:08pm Ken Morrow up on the TSN set, as he was last year. Garth Snow is the only GM not attending (luck he claims). They just joked with Morrow, calling him a good luck charm.

8:10pm 7thWoman just proclaimed on Twitter that Morrow looks HUGE on stage next to everyone else. I say it makes him look even luckier!

8:13pm It’s all Taylor vs Tyler apparently – so their videos keep saying.

8:20pm They are about to start – nerves are starting. 8.1% chance the Islanders move up….

Top Five Picks:

#5 – Islanders
#4 – Columbus
#3 – Panthers
#2 – Bruins
#1 – Oilers

And like that, the Islanders own the 5th pick and do not move up or down. If history proves anything here, that pick could very well be on the move (up I hope this time Garth). I guess LA will be a little exciting this year after all.

Michael Schuerlein

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