So Nassau Wants A Casino?

Ok, let me get this straight:

Nassau County has been dragging it’s feet regarding the Lighthouse Project for years – it’s now spanned two County Executives and two Hempstead Supervisors (and party lines mind you). Those opposed to the LHP, claimed that traffic, the drain of their community’s shopping and the type of people housing would bring, as being deal breakers for them.

In what must be some sort of sick joke, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is talking to the Shinnecock Indian Tribe about building a resort and casino along with a new arena?!?

Let me see here, the LHP wouldn’t have enough police and press the county to hire more, traffic would be an issue, housing an issue, the buildings an eyesore and “a small city” – but yet a CASINO in the middle of Nassau County is perfectly acceptable? Sure, I don’t see for one minute how traffic would be less, crime less, and whatever else comes along with a casino could be better.

Oh wait, it’s about tax revenue – I get it.

I am really perplexed about this, read more at Newsday.

This concludes my rant for today.

Michael Schuerlein

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