2010 NHL Draft Day 2

Good afternoon once again live from the Staples Center here in Los Angeles, California.

Today at the draft we have a rapid fire round of selections, from round two to round seven. There are no photo ops, no long winded introductions, just pick after pick, after well – pick.

The Islanders have no selections here in the second round (for now) and we are currently at pick number 55 – so they may not elect to move up.

Picks remaining:

  • Round 3 – 65th overall and 82nd overall
  • Round 4 – 95th overall
  • Round 5 – 125th overall
  • Round 6 – 155th overall and 160th overall (acquired via trade with NY Rangers for Jyri Niemi)
  • Round 7 – 185th overall

Should be an interesting morning.

Michael Schuerlein

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