Islanders Select Kirill Kabanov With 65th Pick

The Islanders have selected wildcard (and wild child) Kirill Kabanov with the 65th pick of the third round.

It’s a similar situation to Kirill Petrov in that should Kabanov pan out, it’s a great pick – but it differs in that he is already playing in North America (Moncton Wildcats) and the Islanders do not have to wait for a KHL contract to expire. It’s also a safer pick in the third round then it would’ve been earlier in the draft.

However, all reports on Kabanov indicate he is a bit of a wild child and could become quite a distraction if he isn’t reeled in.

In 22 games with the Wildcats, Kabanov had 10 goals and 13 assists for 23 points.

For a great read on Kirill Kabanov, head on over to Puck Daddy – where you can also see one of the photos I had taken featured front and center.

Michael Schuerlein

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