Orange VS Blue: Live Blog

Boy has it been a while since I have seen some live hockey, well – not really all too long but I never would’ve imagined I would be getting ready to head to the Coliseum on a steamy July evening.

Tonight the Islanders prospects are taking part in a scrimmage amongst themselves – followed by a skills competition. It’s a showcase of talents of sorts and a way to present the future Islanders to their beloved and hockey crazed fans.

I am not entirely sure of the setup, we may be in an area of the arena or we may even be up in the pressbox. The physical location of the Blog Box no longer exists, the format will be a bit different this upcoming season then in years past – so keep tabs tonight both here on my blog and on my Twitter feed for updates one way or another.

I am extremely excited to see Niederreiter, Kabanov and Petrov skate with some of the other Islanders prospects. It should be a great night – so stay tuned.

Michael Schuerlein

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