Islesblogger Now on Facebook!

This has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time but never really got around to doing – start a Facebook fan page!

With the success of Twitter, I want to capitalize on the fans I may not reach on Facebook as well. That’s why, starting today – you can find a link to my Facebook Islesblogger fan page at the top left of the sidebar under the Feeds box (along with my Twitter account which is also a new addition). What’s more, I have added the popular Facebook Like button that can be found just about everywhere these days.

If you enjoy one of my posts, please feel free to share it with your friends!

I have a few more additions in store for the site, one of which involves a small refresh that I have been planning for quite some time!

I will be at the scrimmage tomorrow and I plan on getting to one of the final days of training camp – so stay tuned!

Michael Schuerlein

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