MSG+2 To Broadcast in HD!

I just posted this on Twitter, but it’s also worth a mention here.

For the last several years, a bone of contention among Islanders and Devils fans has been the horrible broadcast of the teams when it is on overflow channels on Cablevision (MSG+2). There really hasn’t been a reason for it, the feed is sent out in HD, but Cablevision decided to keep the channel in standard definition, which made it look HORRENDOUS to say the least.

A source with Cablevision just confirmed for me tonight that the feed will be going to HIGH DEFINITION starting November 19th.

I know there have been a few threads on the various Islanders message boards and a few posts around the blogosphere on this subject – your voices have been heard.

Islanders fans rejoice, well – about something anyway.

Michael Schuerlein

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