Another US TSN Tradecentre Option on iPhone

There has been a TON of interest coming in on the solution I posted last week on how to get TSN’s Tradecentre App for the iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there seem to be some issues with my solution. Some folks are reporting varied success in creating accounts without providing a payment option and I myself – cannot seem to stream the video feed in the application. I get a “file not found” page likely due to my IP address location. That said, push notifications do work when a trade is made, complete with the ESPN dun dun da dun dun da alert (which always startles me).

Don’t fret folks, there is another option to stream the TSN feed on your device. The application is called Skyfire Web Browser and it allows you to stream flash video on your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunatey, the app is $2.99 but it works well. You can use it to stream video and audio from many websites that utilize flash.

Of course, you can always watch the TSN feed on the NHL Network if you are in front of a TV, or via Slingbox or Slingplayer – but if you are at work and moving about like me – these are your best options.

I personally use the TSN Tradecentre app for the push alerts as they are pretty quick, but I watch when I can via Slingplayer on my iPhone.

Here are some screen caps:

Michael Schuerlein

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