Isles in Talks to Extend Streit, Boyes, Visnovsky and Nabokov

freeagentsYou just never know what news might come out on any given day.

Just last week, when Visnovsky returned from a wake in Slovakia, he had his family in tow. News had broken that he had rented a house on Long Island and that he (no surprise) LOVED the area and the team.

Moments ago on Twitter, Arthur Staple of Newsday Tweeted out that the Islanders are still in talks with Mark Streit on a contract extension, which we had heard some time ago. But there was NEW, news as well. The Islanders were also to begin talks with Visnovsky, Nabokov and Brad Boyes – all pending unrestricted free agents.

All in all, this isn’t surprising news. We know that Evgeni Nabokov has been playing some great hockey, and was extended last season into this season. He must feel he has a lot left to offer and could be disappointed with the shortened season due to the lockout.

What IS a bit surprising is the Lubomir Visnovsky news. When word got out that he liked what was happening here on Long Island, it sounded a bit familiar (ala Nabokov) – but the understanding was that Viz would likely retire after this season. Maybe he too, feels he has a lot left to offer and wants to be a part of the up and coming New York Islanders past this season. He hasn’t looked out of place and honestly, I like what he brings to the table.

Brad Boyes was a given to be extended. He has looked good on Tavares’s wing and has played his way into earning a new contract. If the Islanders plan on releasing some other players, there are potential upgrades that can be signed through free agency, or through the stocked system the team has in it’s pocket.

Things could always change between now and the trade deadline next month, but in this anomaly of a season I am glad that apprehensive players buy into what is being built here on Long Island.

Let’s here some thoughts on this! I already know there will be some debate on Mark Streit, but I am curious to see the rest of the opinions.

Michael Schuerlein


  1. Please tell me this isn’t true. Streit has been terrible this season. Maybe it is the lockout but we don’t need an aging “puck moving” defensemen that never scores. Visnovsky has been ok. If we can sign him for a year or two fine. No long term deals. Nabokov has been really uneven. Some games he is really good. Other games he lets in some really bad goals. I don’t mind them signing him if they have a plan to get a real #1 and he is the backup. This plan of signing aging veteran goalies and squeezing every last drop out of them isn’t working. Boyes is someone we definitely should resign.

    • It all goes back to defense though. Nabby can only stop what he can, it’s up to his defense to clear the crease and the rebounds.

      While I agree that Streit has not been the player he was early on for us – he’s not been completely terrible. Next season when Strait is healthy, we still need to upgrade over Finley and Martinek. I like Carkner’s size but we haven’t seen enough of him due to injury. I am also liking what we have seen from Hickey.

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