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Islanders vs Tampa Bay, Cappy’s Debut

Posted by on 17 Nov 2010 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Well there is a strange aura here at the Coliseum. No, it’s not that we are less than ten minutes from game time and there are MAYBE 500 people here (even that’s generous) – it’s that there is a strange anticipation of things to come should Jack Capuano not manage a win here at home.

That said, it’s Jack Capuano’s Islanders coaching debut capping off his mere 48 hours of prep time with his team trying to solve this ugly ten game losing streak. He has made some tweaks, but said he really didn’t want to change much all at once – so perhaps his replacing of Scott Gordon will be change enough to light that proverbial fire.

Tampa Bay has struggled, losing three in an row and six of their last seven – so a win here tonight isn’t out of the question should they jump on Tampa early.

I will be having a semi live blog going, with Tweets entertaining those following at home as I watch this contest safely from my perch above the ice known as the press box.

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Orange VS Blue: Live Blog

Posted by on 10 Jul 2010 | Tagged as: Live Blog, Off Season, Prospects

Boy has it been a while since I have seen some live hockey, well – not really all too long but I never would’ve imagined I would be getting ready to head to the Coliseum on a steamy July evening.

Tonight the Islanders prospects are taking part in a scrimmage amongst themselves – followed by a skills competition. It’s a showcase of talents of sorts and a way to present the future Islanders to their beloved and hockey crazed fans.

I am not entirely sure of the setup, we may be in an area of the arena or we may even be up in the pressbox. The physical location of the Blog Box no longer exists, the format will be a bit different this upcoming season then in years past – so keep tabs tonight both here on my blog and on my Twitter feed for updates one way or another.

I am extremely excited to see Niederreiter, Kabanov and Petrov skate with some of the other Islanders prospects. It should be a great night – so stay tuned.

Islanders Select Cody Rosen With 185th Pick

Posted by on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

The New York Islanders have selected goaltender Cody Rosen with the 185th pick of the seventh round.

Islanders Trade Two Picks to Atlanta

Posted by on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

The New York Islanders have traded both of their sixh round picks in 2010 (155th and 160th) to Atlanta for a fifth round pick in 2011.

Islanders Select Jason Clark With 58th Pick

Posted by on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

The Islanders have selected left wing/center Jason Clark with the 58th pick of the third round.

Jason Clark is a 6’2″ 182lb forward with a left handed shot. Last season he played for Shattuck-St Mary’s HS in Minnesota and has trained with fellow Minnesotan Kyle Okposo. In 54 games this season, Clark had 23 goals and 23 assists for 46 points.

Clark has committed to play for the University of Wisconsin next season.

Clark, according to Kyle Woodlief, of Red Line Report:

“He’s got the size and the tools – good hands and scoring touch – that NHL teams are looking for,” “He just hasn’t put it all together. He needs more intensity and drive.”

“He’s very effective when he plays a physical game”

Woodlief also notes that Clark is more of a shooter, then a playmaker.

Islanders Select Kirill Kabanov With 65th Pick

Posted by on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

The Islanders have selected wildcard (and wild child) Kirill Kabanov with the 65th pick of the third round.

It’s a similar situation to Kirill Petrov in that should Kabanov pan out, it’s a great pick – but it differs in that he is already playing in North America (Moncton Wildcats) and the Islanders do not have to wait for a KHL contract to expire. It’s also a safer pick in the third round then it would’ve been earlier in the draft.

However, all reports on Kabanov indicate he is a bit of a wild child and could become quite a distraction if he isn’t reeled in.

In 22 games with the Wildcats, Kabanov had 10 goals and 13 assists for 23 points.

For a great read on Kirill Kabanov, head on over to Puck Daddy – where you can also see one of the photos I had taken featured front and center.

2010 NHL Draft Day 2

Posted by on 26 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

Good afternoon once again live from the Staples Center here in Los Angeles, California.

Today at the draft we have a rapid fire round of selections, from round two to round seven. There are no photo ops, no long winded introductions, just pick after pick, after well – pick.

The Islanders have no selections here in the second round (for now) and we are currently at pick number 55 – so they may not elect to move up.

Picks remaining:

  • Round 3 – 65th overall and 82nd overall
  • Round 4 – 95th overall
  • Round 5 – 125th overall
  • Round 6 – 155th overall and 160th overall (acquired via trade with NY Rangers for Jyri Niemi)
  • Round 7 – 185th overall

Should be an interesting morning.

Islanders Acquire 30th Pick and Select Brock Nelson

Posted by on 25 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News, Trades

The New York Islanders have traded both of their second round picks (35th and 58th) to Chicago and move up to the 30th overall and select Center Brock Nelson. Just a note of interest, Kevin Connolly announced the pick at the podium.

Some info on Nelson, according to Hockey’s Future:

2009-10: Played for Warroad High School in Minnesota. In 31 games for Warroad, Nelson scored 53 goals and added 42 assists for 95 points. He finished with a +55 rating on the season. Nelson was a finalist for the Mr. Hockey Award as Minnesota’s top high school hockey player. Nelson is the nephew of former NHL player and 1980 Team USA member Dave Christian.

Nelson is committed to play for the University of North Dakota next year.

Here is a photo of Brock Nelson on the phone with Kyle Okposo, a fellow Minnesota resident.

Nino Niederreiter Press Conference Photos and Video

Posted by on 25 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

Just uploaded some pics and a video of the press conference for Nino Niederreiter, check them out!

Islanders Select Nino Niederreiter With 5th Pick

Posted by on 25 Jun 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog, News

The Islanders select Nino Niederreiter with the 5th overall selection

By being selected fifth overall, Niederreiter has been drafted highest of any Swiss player ever. The closest was Michel Riesen at 14th overall in 1997.

The addition of Niederreiter to an already stocked farm system means that the Islanders are that much closer to competing at a level they hope they can. The last few years have given them some top tier talent and enabled them an entire crop of home grown players. That’s a great feeling.

NHL Draft Lotto Live!

Posted by on 13 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Draft, Live Blog

8:00pm Just turned on Versus – they are giving some background on some of the top picks in this years NHL entry draft.

8:02pm Showing a video of the borrowed NY lottery picker – lol

8:08pm Ken Morrow up on the TSN set, as he was last year. Garth Snow is the only GM not attending (luck he claims). They just joked with Morrow, calling him a good luck charm.

8:10pm 7thWoman just proclaimed on Twitter that Morrow looks HUGE on stage next to everyone else. I say it makes him look even luckier!

8:13pm It’s all Taylor vs Tyler apparently – so their videos keep saying.

8:20pm They are about to start – nerves are starting. 8.1% chance the Islanders move up….

Top Five Picks:

#5 – Islanders
#4 – Columbus
#3 – Panthers
#2 – Bruins
#1 – Oilers

And like that, the Islanders own the 5th pick and do not move up or down. If history proves anything here, that pick could very well be on the move (up I hope this time Garth). I guess LA will be a little exciting this year after all.

Penguins at Islanders: Final Live Blog

Posted by on 11 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Gameday, Live Blog

Well here we are, an early Sunday game and the season finale for the Islanders.

Good afternoon Islanders fans, it’s been a great season in a few ways. As I said earlier this week, it’s not the end of the world that the team did not make the playoffs as there has been growth and experience by everyone in the organization all the way down to Bridgeport.

Next season, Tavares will be a year older and stronger – you can say the same for a handful of other members of the team as well. It’s going to be exciting next season watching these young guys come in and understand the game better. The team is growing together, and that isn’t something the Islanders have been able to experience in quite a while.

This game, more specifically a loss here against the Penguins is extremely important in terms of lottery and draft position. If the Islanders lose and the Panthers beat Tampa in overtime, they can finish with as high as the third overall draft pick. Throw in crazy three point games and an Isles win tonight and it gets more complicated. As always, Chris Botta has everything mapped out for you and even predicted a situation that could happen in a post last week. It’s going to be fun to watch and root for other teams tonight.

The Islanders fourth line tonight is made of – count them – three callups from the Bridgeport Sound Tigers ALL fighters. I joked with Islanders PR man Seth Slyvan that the team was looking to set a single game penalty minute record by a line. It’s a real life version of the Bash Brothers from the cult-movie classic Slapshot.

At least we know the game will be entertaining….

Speaking of entertaining, I watched a majority of the Penguins lineup kicking a soccer ball around for about 45 minutes. They get kinda crazy with these pre-game rituals and warm ups.

First Period

5:10pm And we’re off. Penguins have had two shots already.
5:15pm Penguins on the board first, Malkin on the Pens fifth shot of the game.
5:16pm Islanders power play – get Moulson out there please. He needs number 30, and he almost got it.
5:19pm They failed to score on the power play, I think they only had one shot on goal.
5:23pm Rechlicz and Rupp just fought, Joel clocked Rupp with one punch and dropped him – although he got back up right away.
5:24pm Penguins score again – 2-0 on their 7th shot. Now the Isles can really focus on getting Moulson his 30th and make me not lose my sanity.
5:27pm Gillies called for interference – bad call.
5:32pm Islanders power play
5:34pm And even up, Streit off for interference.
5:35pm Hunter came down the right wing, fired a wrist shot and hit the inside of the far post. Park couldn’t get to the rebound. Penguins on a one minute power play.
5:40pm Guerin to the box for interference.
5:42pm Crosby just scored his 50th of the season and now owns the point lead over Ovechkin. Lots of Pens fans here.

End of the first period.

We just watched the Flyers defeat the Rangers and make the playoffs.

Islanders scored (Tavares) on a five on three – not much else to report about this period, the Islanders were outplayed in every facet.

Second Period

6:10pm I leave to get a pretzel and I miss the action. Crosby scores again and now has the lead. And Jackman tried to take his cage off in order to fight – Crosby wound up with a double minor.
6:13pm Moulson scores his 30th on the power play!
6:16pm Rechlicz and Godard 5 for fighting. Jackman and Malkin are both sitting for unsportsmanlike conduct. I think Rechlicz got a misconduct on his fight too – he’s not in the penalty box.
6:22pm Malkin and Jackman come out, he went right to him and hit him – Malkin cowered like a little kid. Malkin got two[ minutes unsportsmanlike and interference – Jackman two for unsportsmanlike and a ten minute misconduct.
6:28pm Great Isles power play, they have had quite a few chances here this period.
6:32pm Hunter looks like his former self here tonight, hungry and shooting the puck a lot.
6:34pm Haley in the box, for interference.
6:35pm Malkin on the power play – 5-2 Penguins
6:45pm Haley to the box for goaltender interference – he may have blown out his knee on a play, helped off the ice – Tambellini serving the penalty.
6:50pm Final minute of the second period

Well, if that wasn’t even worse of a period then the first I don’t know what is. Lots of penalties, lots of fights and lots of Penguins goals. We saw Crosby score 50 and then 51, but Matt Moulson notched his 30th and Tavares got his 23rd so it wasn’t a total loss that period. It’s good at least to see some of the young players reach milestones, which gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling. At least for now.

Third Period

THIS IS IT, the final twenty minutes of the season. And as Ken Dick of says “It ends with Soundgarden”

7:10pm And we’re off.
7:16pm Okposo scores from a sharp angle
7:17pm And now Sim scores deflecting a Hunter shot and the Islanders pull into one goal 5-4 Penguins

They need to stop scoring, it’s bad enough Tampa beat the Panthers

7:25pm Gervais in the box for interference – Penguins power play – they better score
7:28pm Hillen in the box this is like Christmas day
7:36pm Pittsburgh failed to score on their two previous power plays, this is not acceptable.
7:39pm Islanders tie the game, Meyer from Okposo and Moulson
7:45pm Leave it to the Islanders to screw up draft position by forcing overtime.


And if they Islanders lose in overtime, we can still have the 5th overall pick – glancing at the standing anyway.

Yesssss Pens score in OT and we get the number 5 pick next week!

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