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So Nassau Wants A Casino?

Posted by on 27 Apr 2010 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News, Rant

Ok, let me get this straight:

Nassau County has been dragging it’s feet regarding the Lighthouse Project for years – it’s now spanned two County Executives and two Hempstead Supervisors (and party lines mind you). Those opposed to the LHP, claimed that traffic, the drain of their community’s shopping and the type of people housing would bring, as being deal breakers for them.

In what must be some sort of sick joke, Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano is talking to the Shinnecock Indian Tribe about building a resort and casino along with a new arena?!?

Let me see here, the LHP wouldn’t have enough police and press the county to hire more, traffic would be an issue, housing an issue, the buildings an eyesore and “a small city” – but yet a CASINO in the middle of Nassau County is perfectly acceptable? Sure, I don’t see for one minute how traffic would be less, crime less, and whatever else comes along with a casino could be better.

Oh wait, it’s about tax revenue – I get it.

I am really perplexed about this, read more at Newsday.

This concludes my rant for today.

Charles Wang’s Official Statement

Posted by on 15 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project

Just got a press relelase from the Lighthouse folks. I think this settles things down a few hundred decibles, no?

This statement was issued by Charles B. Wang, Principal of Lighthouse Development Group and Owner of the New York Islanders, at 11:30 a.m. today.

“Yesterday’s report on the Lighthouse project which appeared in the Long Island Press is untrue. There are no plans to abandon this project which is so vital to the future of Nassau County and Long Island as a whole.

As far as the status of the Lighthouse project, we have submitted to The Town of Hempstead and Supervisor Kate Murray all the studies and required documents. A lease has been negotiated. Supervisor Murray and the Town Board need to make a decision on the zoning.

Long Island stands in this defining moment waiting for an answer. Yes or no.

Moving forward, we will not discuss any meetings in the media. Any reports of meetings should be considered untrue.

My heart is still on Long Island. I love Long Island. This is where the Islanders belong. Let’s play hockey.”>/blockquote>

Lighthouse Silence: Think of The Children

Posted by on 15 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Stories like this one always seem to tug at the strings connected to your heart.

Maybe that’s the point.

As a fan base we have an emotional connection and investment to the teams we root for. In good or bad times our support or even disgust, is shown by our reactions. That is what makes this situation so interesting.

If you have not already heard by now, I am talking about a story posted on a small Long Island newspapers website last night, claiming the plug has been pulled on the Lighthouse Project. The story can be found here.

Now, I would like to offer a word of caution before I go on any further – in the history of the media how many times has a small local free newspaper beat out any of the larger, widely circulated or corporate media outlets with REAL sources. Likely not too many times. Not saying that the Long Island Press is totally inept or incapable of getting a lead on a story, just keep that in mind going forward.

This story was posted on the same day when Newsday gives prime real estate to a POSITIVE story on the Lighthouse – in fact it was a front page story and featured a poll claiming most of Long Island was in favor of the project.

Let’s play devils advocate here.

Is it so hard to beleive that the Town of Hempstead seeded this “breaking news” lead to the Long Island Press to in order to deflate the positive nature of yesterday’s Newsday article? It wouldn’t be the first time that the town resorted to these tactics. Does anyone remember their failed attempt at a website and a mailer they paid for with your tax dollars? Both of those ideas were met with much opposition and were hastily scrapped. The Lighthouse is a political football, make no mistake about that.

In the same breath, I am fairly certain in the time immediately following the Islanders’ home opener and Charles Wang’s press release regarding a meeting between he and Supevisor Kate Murray, the Lighthouse Development Group was under a media blackout. There was a period of about a week where we did not see or hear much about anything Lighthouse related.

It is no secret that Charles Wang is a smart, albeit shrewd businessman – I find it hard to digest that this situation is merely a coincidence.

Allegedy, all instances of the Lighthouse Project were removed from the dasher boards at the Coliseum as some noticed on Monday and personally I noticed the lack of the Lighthouse booth at Gate 13. I really didn’t think much of it at the time, but could this be premeditated on Charles’ part? I don’t know.

There is one thing that I am completely sure of – our emotions are being used to the fullest advantage by both parties. Much as they would be during a bitter divorce battle focusing on the couples children, those poor starving children in UNICEF commercials or similar children’s cancer charities seeking donations from kind hearted viewers. If you want to get the attention or even the full support of as many people you can – you focus on the children, or in this case the fans.

Emotions are a strong and dangerous weapon, in some cases the use of emotion is an unfair tactic because you are taking advantage of something that shouldn’t be played with. However, if you want to make a bold statement, who wouldn’t use this tactic? The silence of the Lighthouse officials up to this point is deafening – I hope Charles would be better than to play this game.

We may never know how this story came to be or even why, but please for the sake of the children (the fans) – be mindful of our emotions, those scars run deep and are carried with us for the rest of our lives.

Edit: The silence has been broken!!

Check out Newsday’s latest:

Wang: Lighthouse Still On

We Be Zoning!

Posted by on 22 Sep 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Hello everyone!!

Fresh off a plane from my 2 week European vacation (and VERY jet lagged), I am at the second round of the Town of Hempstead’s Zoning Hearing for the Lighthouse Project.

Follow along on Twitter via multiple sources:

More as it happens!

For more information check out Katrina Doell’s blog The Light Post or The Official Lighthouse Project website.

A Charles Wang Thank You

Posted by on 04 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

charles_podium Not even hours after the show of support for his heralded Lighthouse Project, Islanders owner Charles Wang released the following in a press release thanking everyone who came out in a show of support today:

“I would like to thank everyone that turned out to support and comment on the project. My partner Scott Rechler and I were so pleased to see the overwhelming turnout at both the rally and the public hearing. The Lighthouse project is something which has mobilized Long Islanders to get behind a future for their families and future generations. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the community, Town of Hempstead and Nassau County as the Lighthouse project moves forward. The Lighthouse is a catalyst to kick start Long Island’s economy, and we need it now.”

As someone who covers the team, and was in house to witness this large step for the Lighthouse – allow me to THANK YOU Charles; be it not for your dedication to New York, Long Island and especially the New York Islanders, the franchise would have ceased to exist as we know it many, many years ago. For seven years you have worked day and night on getting this project to become reality. Today you got another step closer to making that happen.

Again, thank you for sticking this out.

Images From The Lighthouse Rally and Meeting

Posted by on 04 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

I have a bit of a treat for you, earlier today I was snapping pictures from both my iPhone and my camera. I had forgotten my USB cable so I couldn’t upload them from the meeting at Hofstra this afternoon. It’s a good thing I didn’t, because if my pictures were not good enough, I have some pictures that were given to my by the Lighthouse people. These could be elsewhere by now, and I am sure they will be – so enjoy the exclusivity while you can. (Edit: Who would’ve guessed – they are posted elsewhere already).

These first four were sent to me and ARE NOT taken by me (Click on images to view full sized):

"Just Build It" Lighthouse Rally

Supporters at the "Just Build It" Rally

Charles Wang and Tom Suozzi march in the "Just Build It" rally

Charles Wang addresses the crowd at Hofstra University

The images below are the ones I snapped at various points today (not as good, obviously):

Lighthouse 001 (Large)

Lighthouse 002 (Large)

This post was WAY too long to have all the images on the main page, click below to continue to check out all the photos!

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Bossy and Nystrom Support The Lighthouse

Posted by on 04 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Here are two pictures I snapped of Mike Bossy and Bob Nystrom with the media after they spoke at the hearing.

It’s Lighthouse Rally Time

Posted by on 04 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Get Your Rally Cap

Today is the day, that’s right – today is August 4th the day of the “Just Build It” rally and public comment hearing for the Town of Hempstead. For what has seemed like months and months of planning by The Lighthouse Development Group all boils down to today, another HUGE step in the what will hopefully be the right direction in terms of forward momentum for the Lighthouse.

The buzz about today is certainly strong. If you look around the web countless websites and media outlets have taken notice and have been running stories for the last few days. Here is what some are saying: – One of the biggest — if not the biggest — days in New York Islanders history will not take place on the ice.”

Dom over at Lighthouse Hockey says today is a “king of a deal” in terms of importance.

Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog says today is a “Critical Moment”.

Newsday’s Eden Laikin claims to expect big crowds for today’s event – I think this is the first time she has expressed optimism. Although yesterday she had another great article that followed a gigantic full page advertisement for the Lighthouse Project.

What you need to know

Here is some important information that you should know:

The rally at the Coliseum starts at 8am, free parking for the event is in lot 8 (coincidence I am sure).

Don’t forget to grab your free “Just Build It” t-shirts, they are available for the first 2000 attendees.

Numerous guests from the Islanders will be there: Charles Wang, Alumni, Josh Bailey and Joel Rechlicz with Howie Rose as the event MC. Oh and did I mention Gary Bettman will also speak? Yes, this is that big of a deal that the commish will come out and show support for the Islanders.

The group from the rally will march from the Coliseum to Adams Playhouse on the grounds of Hofstra around 8:45.

Can’t make it, follow along on numerous blogs including the official Lighthouse Blog where Lighthouse team member Jamie Reysen will be live blogging and tweeting. Make sure you are following along there and on twitter @Lighthouse_LI.

Ok, well that just about does it for now. Don’t forget you can also follow me on twitter by following @islesblogger.

Lighthouse “Just Build It” Rally on August 4th

Posted by on 29 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

Just Build It

If you weren’t planning on attending the Public Comment session at Hofstra University the morning of August 4th to support the Lighthouse Project, you may want to change your mind now. Not only will there be free “Just Build It” t-shirts for the first 2000 attendees, but I am hearing rumblings about special Islanders guests who will walk the distance from the Coliseum to Adams Playhouse amongst the fans.

Here is the press release that came across my inbox earlier today from the Lighthouse Development Group:

Starting at 8 a.m. on Tuesday, August 4, 2009, at the Nassau Coliseum, leaders from the surrounding communities, labor, as well as fans and supporters of the project will rally and march to the Lighthouse project public hearing at the Adams Playhouse on the campus of Hofstra University.

The rally will be held in Lot 8 of the Nassau Coliseum and feature special guest speakers which will include Islanders owner Charles Wang, Islanders Alumni players and local elected officials. Islanders forwards Josh Bailey and Joel Rechlicz will be on site meeting and greeting fans and supporting the Lighthouse project.

At 8:45 the rally will conclude and everyone will march from Lot 8 to the Adams Playhouse for the 9:30 a.m. start of the public hearing.

“Just Build It!” T-shirts will be available for the first 2,000 people in attendance. Parking at the Coliseum will be free of charge.

If you have a website and you would like to promote the public hearing and the rally, please click the following link to downloadable buttons for your site.

For further questions, please visit or the Official Blog of the Lighthouse Development Group, The Light Post at You can follow the Lighthouse project on Twitter at @Lighthouse_LI or join the “I support the Lighthouse at Long Island” on Facebook.

I know I plan on attending, you should all think about showing up in support of the Lighthouse Project too – the more the merrier. You never know, you could be part of something historic!

Govenor Patterson Press Conference on Lighthouse Project TODAY

Posted by on 27 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

In other Lighthouse Project news, New York State Governor David A. Patterson will hold a press conference at Nassau Coliseum TODAY at 11am giving his full support and backing of the Lighthouse Project. A little over a month ago, Patterson assigned his top people to the project so the State could help out in any way possible.

At 11 a.m. on Monday, July 27, New York State Governor David A. Paterson will hold a press conference at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum to address the significance of the Lighthouse Project. Principals Charles B. Wang and Scott Rechler, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, and Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray will join the Governor at the event.

The Governor’s press conference is the first time he is publicly sharing his stance on the project. It comes at a critical time for the Lighthouse, as a public hearing on the project is going to be held on August 4.

The conference will be held outside the box office at the Coliseum.

If you can make it out to the Coliseum today to show support for the Lighthouse Project and the New York Islanders, please do! Unfortunately I am working up in Huntington this morning and cannot get down to Uniondale.

For more information head on over to The Light Post a blog run by Katrina Doell – the Lighthouse Development Groups PR woman.

Kate Murray Talks Lighthouse Project on YouTube!

Posted by on 27 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: Lighthouse Project, News

As we draw closer and closer to the very important August 4th public hearing on the Lighthouse Project, the project continues to make headlines in the local papers. Opening Newsday this morning, Eden Laikin has an article on Town of Hempstead Supervisor Kate Murray. Apparently, the town has it’s own YouTube channel and recently uploaded a two part video showing Kate Murray talking about the review process and for the most part almost gives her support for the project.

The video, produced in a talk-show format with Murray being interviewed by her spokesman, Michael Deery, has been uploaded to YouTube.

It provides a brief overview of the Lighthouse proposal and outlines the town’s state-mandated environmental review. It also invites Long Islanders to attend an Aug. 4 public hearing on concerns about how the project may impact the area and the environment.

You can watch both parts on YouTube or in the embedded clips below:

If anything, this video proves that the Town of Hempstead is conitnuously working dillgently on the review process, even though they have kept quiet on it more than anyone would have hoped. Over the last few months, little, albeit positive signs have been emerging – giving supporters of the Lighthouse Project and Islanders fans hope that a shovel can make it into the ground before Charles Wang is forced to explore “other options” after his self imposed October 3rd deadline. Only time (unfortunately) will tell, but I have a good feeling about the momentum that has been underway and I am excited for August 4th, I will be there – will YOU?

For more information head on over to The Light Post a blog run by Katrina Doell – the Lighthouse Development Groups PR woman.

Wang to Appear on WFAN 4PM Today

Posted by on 23 Jul 2009 | Tagged as: General, Lighthouse Project

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Islanders owner Charles Wang will be appearing on WFAN with Mike Francesca today at 4PM to talk about The Lighthouse Project!

You can stream the show online via The Fan website (click on Listen Live) and I know for a fact you can listen on your iPhone by downloading the Flycast application and adding WFAN to your favorites (this is how I will likely be listening from work).

If your old fashioned, you can listen by tuning your radio to 660AM.

For more information head on over to The Light Post a blog run by Katrina Doell – the Lighthouse Development Groups PR woman.

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