Yes Islanders Presents: 2008 Best Blog Awards

Johnny Z, a true blue and orange fan if I ever did see meet one – setup a site called Yes! Islanders over the summer. Yes Islanders is his Islanders blog and Islanders Community website – but with a twist.… Continue Reading


Islesblogger Now iPhone/iTouch Optimized!

Being an iPhone owner, it can be a tad stressful when viewing a regular webpage that is graphic intense with the built in Safari browser. Any iPhone owner can tell you that all it takes is too much processing power… Continue Reading


Isles Top Boston and Updates

Hockey is back baby and so is my gallery! It took me countless hours to work out all the stupid errors, hopefully I never have to move to a new server – but at least next time I know a… Continue Reading


One Year of Islesblogger!

It was exactly one year ago today, when I decided to try my luck here in the blogosphere and re-submit my application to the Islanders Blog Box. Time certainly does fly when you are having fun! During the past year… Continue Reading


Islesblogger to Talk with Weight and Bailey!

As you may have already read on the Islanders website, there is another open house this Saturday morning at Nassau Coliseum from 10am to 12pm. The events are usually organized well and offer many things to do and see. This… Continue Reading


The Tiger Track and Islesblogger – Media News!

As if heading up to Ottawa for the grand daddy of all things hockey isn’t enough excitement, both Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track and I will be making numerous media appearances this weekend. Here is what we have confirmed… Continue Reading


Islesblogger and The Tiger Track Going to Ottawa!

Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track and Michael Schuerlein of Islesblogger.com are proud to announce that they will be attending the 2008 NHL Draft in Ottawa, Canada. This year’s draft takes place on Friday June 20th and Saturday June 21st… Continue Reading


Islesblogger Trade Deadline Special!

New Content Below This Post! I have a great announcement that I have been wanting to talk about since Monday, although I have touched upon it in a few of my recent posts already so it’s not entirely a surprise.… Continue Reading


Mikey Likes It!

Excuse the really cheesy play on words in the title of this post, because it has mixed meaning as you will soon find out. Instead of posting any kind of opinion, live blog or rant last night – I decided… Continue Reading