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This is On Garth’s Reluctance

Posted by on 08 Feb 2018 | Tagged as: General, Opinion, Rant, Trades

For the last two days, the hockey world has seen an abundance of trade speculation and opinion surrounding the New York Islanders. There seems to be a unifying rally cry by fans and experts alike on how the Isles should be looking for defensive help outside the organization.

I know I’ve been absent for a long time, and this being my second piece in as many days – I am humbled by the activity here and on Twitter where I’ve made sure to maintain my voice. I plan on writing regularly here on out and tidying things up on the site as well.

That said, let’s move into the nitty gritty, shall we?

Garth Snow, for all the praise I’ve spoken about him over the years has become extremely frustrating to me. Year after year we hear the same statements: “We kicked some tires”, “Prices were too high”, “We are happy with our roster”, and now this years “I will not trade high end picks for rental players” (I’m paraphrasing because the exact wording doesn’t matter). Why doesn’t it matter? Because it’s both hogwash and yet, almost understandable. Indefensible yet understandable.

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The 2012 NHL Trade Deadline

Posted by on 27 Feb 2012 | Tagged as: Roster Moves, Rumors, Trade Deadline, Trades, Waivers

So we find ourselves at the craziest day in the NHL, well next to July when UFA’s are available to be signed.

This year, I’m home – celebrating what will likely be an uneventful day for the New York Islanders. Last year however, I was working – stuck in the Bronx and forced to stream TSN via their Tradecentre app. This year I have a new solution, and despite being home I thought it would be easy – but I don’t have the NHL Network.

So, my solution for 2012:

I purchased a $10 dollar application called AirParrot for Mac OSX. This enables mirroring your desktop to your Apple TV. I located a link, (which I really don’t want to post in fear it would hurt the stream quality) that is showing the TSN feed. Is it perfect? No, but at least I can watch.

Now, I realize that has the stream, but they won’t be live streaming until Noon EST. This should hold me over for a few hours.

What’ll Happen?

We all know that the Islanders play as of late has been wildly inconsistent, due in part to a few key injuries and a rampant flu bug running through then locker room.

The Islanders find themselves 8 points back of the 8th and final playoff spot.

Then Islanders have a whole list of pending UFA’s:

Brian Rolston (Placed on waivers 2/25/12)
Jay Pandolfo
PA Parenteau

Mark Eaton
Steve Staios
Milan Jurcina
Mike Mottau
Dylan Reese

Evgeni Nabokov
Al Montoya

If you look over the list above, two players in particular would garner the most interest – Parenteau and Nabokov. Parenteau is second on the Islanders in points, with 15 goals and 43 assists for a total of 58 points. Garth Snow has come out on record, a few times, saying he really doesn’t want to deal PA and would like to sign him to an extension. PA’s agent has also come out on record as saying PA would rather focus on the contract after the season is over – so does Snow risk losing PA for nothing or does he listen to offers today? It’s clear that Parenteau has excelled off of Tavares’ wing, but regardless the Islanders have still struggled offensively outside of that first line anyway. It’s quite a conundrum and would leave a big hole to fill should he get moved.

Moving to Evgeni Nabokov; he’s got a no trade clause and would have to approve any move but again, Garth Snow and Nabokov’s agent have been on record the last few weeks as saying an extension is being worked on and that there are no trades being discussed. That said, we all know that things could change in an instant – especially with the goalie market being somewhat saturated. I really like what Nabokov has brought this season and turned around his little situation in not reporting after being claimed off waivers last year. He’s helped hide the Islanders defensive issues and helped them claw back to where they are currently.

The rest of the players available all have one thing in common, experience. They could help teams add depth for a stretch run, or in the playoffs – but they have all been relatively HORRID for the Islanders. Outside of Mark Eaton and maybe Montoya, I wouldn’t be sad to see anyone go.

The dilemma here for Garth Snow, he’s neither a buyer or a seller. If he sells off any available assets, the season is officially over and any SLIM chance of making the playoffs is essentially dashed. If he moves no personnel, and brings no help in – we can expect the same type of play the rest of the season and essentially come up short for the playoffs, as expected.

The Needs

Should Garth Snow have a shopping list today, he needs primary and secondary scoring, AND needs first, second and third pair defensive help. For once, the goaltending situation isn’t as big of an issue as it has been in the past – but that’s IF Nabokov is retained and Montoya regains his form from earlier this season.

I guess only time will tell – and we have over five hours left until the 3 PM eastern trade deadline.

My gut says that we won’t see many trades for the Islanders today, if any at all.

An Inactive Deadline For Islanders

Posted by on 01 Mar 2011 | Tagged as: Gameday, General, Sound Tigers, Trade Deadline, Trades

I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t get excited about the NHL Trade Deadline. I understand and respect the logistics of the day, the same can be said for the necessity of wheeling and dealing for some, as well as the uneasiness for the players involved.

I still remember quite clearly, spending an entire day from morning to night at Nassau Coliseum on deadline day – my first year blogging about the Islanders. The Penguins were in town, we watched their morning skate from section 206, and then watched as several players ran the stairs on either side of our perch. Two players stopped and asked us for updates – it was a bit unnerving to inform Colby Armstrong he was likely going to be traded. Crazy stuff. (Another crazy bit was Garth Snow extending Mike Comrie another year…but hey – live and learn).

As a fan of the Islanders, you never want to see players you have grown to know and respect moved. But, as it has been said elsewhere thousands of times – that’s the nature of the business. At the same time, you always get excited at the prospect of adding to your core players, as the hope is to ultimately improve your chances at winning the Stanley Cup.

I came into this years deadline with little to no expectations. Garth Snow had already moved what I considered (you know – I was playing armchair GM here) – the teams most tradeable assets in Dwayne Roloson and James Wisniewski. Sure, he could infuriate the the fanbase by trading a struggling prospect like Josh Bailey if he was blown away, but at most I figured he would trade a pending unrestricted free agent or two.

Throughout the day yesterday I was glued to my iPhone – checked Twitter, TSN, watched NHL Network via Slingplayer, checked the TSN Tradecentre app, message boards, blogs – the whole nine.

Seemed as if nothing was going on – and it stayed that way all day.

At one point, it appeared that an Anaheim deal for Zenon Konopka was imminent – but big Z himself headed off that rumor with TSN directly. Radek Martinek was also spoken about as well – but Garth was apparently asking too much for each of these players. Good thing too, Martinek is one of the teams only healthy veteran defensemen and Konopka is way too important for the locker room.

As it would turn out, the only player moved from the Islanders yesterday was Rob Schremp – who was placed on waivers late last week. He was claimed by the Atlanta Thrashers. In his place, Justin DiBenedetto was called up from the Sound Tigers and makes his debut tonight against the Washington Capitals.

Kudos to Garth Snow for not wanting to disrupt what chemistry he has in his current roster for the sake of adding a draft pick or two for the upcoming draft. In addition, I am happy he decided, once again – not to mortgage the future for the sake of going after a rental player. This team isn’t quite ready to go that route – the promise land is still a ways off on the horizon.

Instead Garth Snow will likely look to add a piece or two this coming July when the free agency period opens – which for the sake of the team, I hope to be a little different this year than in years past.

When the Islanders take on the Capitals tonight in Washington, D.C. – Nathan Lawson will be the starter and DiBenedetto will be paired with Josh Bailey and Blake Comeau. I highly doubt the Capitals will be the same team the Islanders saw this past weekend, I hope they bring their A game.

Another US TSN Tradecentre Option on iPhone

Posted by on 28 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: General, Mobile, Trade Deadline, Trades

There has been a TON of interest coming in on the solution I posted last week on how to get TSN’s Tradecentre App for the iPhone and iPad.

Unfortunately, there seem to be some issues with my solution. Some folks are reporting varied success in creating accounts without providing a payment option and I myself – cannot seem to stream the video feed in the application. I get a “file not found” page likely due to my IP address location. That said, push notifications do work when a trade is made, complete with the ESPN dun dun da dun dun da alert (which always startles me).

Don’t fret folks, there is another option to stream the TSN feed on your device. The application is called Skyfire Web Browser and it allows you to stream flash video on your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunatey, the app is $2.99 but it works well. You can use it to stream video and audio from many websites that utilize flash.

Of course, you can always watch the TSN feed on the NHL Network if you are in front of a TV, or via Slingbox or Slingplayer – but if you are at work and moving about like me – these are your best options.

I personally use the TSN Tradecentre app for the push alerts as they are pretty quick, but I watch when I can via Slingplayer on my iPhone.

Here are some screen caps:

Want TSN’s Tradecentre iPhone/iPad App in the US? You Can!

Posted by on 23 Feb 2011 | Tagged as: General, Trade Deadline, Trades

TSN Tradecentre

Update 3/4/13 at 7:58 am

Happy Trade Deadline Eve!

I’ve not updated my blog in quite a bit – but TSN has unfortunately changed their app this year. Not really sure if we’ll receive those push notifications. I guess time will tell.

At least you can still download it using the methods outlined in this post.

Update 2/27/12 at 8:31 am

Thanks to those coming in again through various search engines and Hockey message boards!

I can confirm that this is still working, as many of you all have on HFBoards. As far as the stream, I can’t seem to get it to work no matter what I try just yet. Still digging.

Update 2/28/11 at 11:00 am

Thanks to those coming in! I’ve read about some of your issues with the app, and have another solution you can also try in this post!

Sometimes, being outside of Hockey’s Hotbed (also known as Canada), can be sort of a bad experience for those of us in the US. This experience is only compounded further when our brothers and sisters up in Canada get all sorts of cool applications to follow the NHL’s Trade Deadline (which let’s face facts – is a Hockey HOLIDAY for most), while those of us here rely on our slower forms of notification.

Unfortunately, the TSN Tradecenter application is only available in Canada – likely for distribution limits. Last year, I was able to download the Tradecentre app on my Jailbroken iPhone – but this year I was determined to find a way to download the application without having to modify my phone, and I also wanted it on my iPad as well.

The solution was quite simple actually; a CANADIAN iTunes account.

When you create an iTunes (I created it via iTunes on my PC) account, you’re asked to select your current country – which for me normally would be the good ole’ US of A. I created a secondary iTunes account and I selected Canada as my home country. You can too, just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you are signed out of your account on iTunes.
  2. Go to the bottom of iTunes and choose “change country” from the “Manage” tab.
  3. Choose the Canadian flag.
  4. Click Sign In and Choose “Create a New Account”
  5. Agree to terms and conditions.
  6. Enter Email Address, password and other security questions. You’ll need to verify your account by clicking a link you are emailed so use a valid email)
  7. Select “none” from payment method. (Edit: varied success here, not sure why)
  8. For Billing Address, you must choose a correct postal code that matches with the province of that country (I picked Oakville, Ontario here). Go on Google to search for an address with the appropriate postal code (I made up a very inconceivable address for this).
  9. After email verification, you are done. Log into the iTunes app store from your iPhone or iPad and download the TSN Tradecenter app.

There is however, ONE stipulation for downloading apps of this nature, they have to be FREE. If you want to purchase an app or music from the Canadian iTunes store – you’d need to use a gift card.

Here are the application’s details per TSN’s website:

Tradecenter Screenshot

TSN TradeCentre is TSN’s first special-event iPhone and iPad app, created to keep you in the loop about every move made on and before NHL Trade Deadline Day, Monday, February 28. You’re plugged into the TSN TradeCentre wherever you go:

– The ‘Trades’ section lists all the trades chronologically, with new ones added the second we know about them

– Each trade is also sent out via optional ‘push’ notifications, so you’ll know about each trade even if you’re doing something else on your device

– Starting at 8am ET (5am PT) you can watch TSN’s live HDTV coverage of TradeCentre right on your device.

– For complete details and analysis, checkout the ‘News’ tab. Every trade tells a story, and we’ve got them all, along with blogs and columns from TSN’s award-winning team of hockey journalists

– NEW for iPad: Follow our reporters’ Tweets in the Twitter Tracker

– NEW for iPad: Video reports from our reporters and columnists, plus reaction from coaches and players

Now anyone with an iPhone or iPad (or even iPod Touch) can follow TSN’s Trade coverage all day long, anywhere they have Cellular and/or WiFi.

BONUS! Get the FAN 590 too!

The FAN 590

So, maybe you want a Canada only app to listen to Hockey Talk beyond the trade deadline? Well – as they say, there is an app for that. You can also download the Rogers Radio app so you can stream Toronto’s FAN 590 sports talk show.

Now you can hear THE FAN 590 and your choice of Canada’s most popular radio stations – anywhere, anytime!

If you’re a Rogers Wireless or Fido iPhone customer, you can listen to THE FAN 590 and also discover new stations with the Rogers Radio iPhone App.

Choose from over 50 station streams featuring rock, country, top 40, news/talk, sports and multi-lingual formats. Listen to top-rated stations across the country, including 680News, KiSS FM, 98.1 CHFI, and SONiC 102.9.

This app gives you AAC+ audio quality, and allows you to search by station name or by the city – or just search for the station that’s closest to you. It also gives you song and artist info, and even tells you how to contact the stations.

Islanders Acquire Al Montoya From Phoenix

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Dealing with the injury to rookie netminder Kevin Poulin, who suffered a dislocated kneecap last night during warmpups, the Islanders suddenly found themselves in serious need of veteran goaltending.

The rookie who’s job it was to back up the rookie Poulin; Mikko Koskinen – was thrust unexpectedly into the Islanders lineup in relief of his fallen Bridgeport and Islanders teammate. Koskinen did not fair well though, allowing two goals on his first four shots and then allowing five before the night was over. The Islanders summoned Joel Martin from Bridgeport on an emergency basis and he arrived at the start of the third period of last nights game.

Earlier today, Islanders General Manager Garth Snow said he was actively searching for veteran goaltender help today – apparently finding Al Montoya.

The cost? A sixth round draft choice in 2011 went to the Phoenix Coyotoes in exchange for Montoya, who coincidentally was involved in a fight with Rick DiPietro during a preseason Rangers game a few seasons ago. The Islanders immediately assigned Montoya to the Bridgeport Sound Tigers where he will most likely wait for the Islanders to return home from Montreal.

Per the Islanders press release:

Montoya, 25, has an 11-8-0 record with a 3.19 goals against average (GAA) and a .891 save percentage (sv%) in 21 games this season with the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL. The Chicago, IL, native has played in five career NHL games, all with Phoenix, and posted a 3-1-0 record with a 2.08 GAA and a .925 sv%.

Originally selected by the New York Rangers in the first round, sixth overall, of the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, Montoya has played in 197 career AHL games with the Hartford Wolf Pack and San Antonio, compiling a 96-72-7 record with nine shutouts. Prior to his professional career, the 6’2”, 195-pound goalie enjoyed a three-year career at the University of Michigan. He led the nation in minutes played (2358:51) in his final season (2004-05) and finished his college career tied for the all-time best career save percentage (90.8) in U. Michigan history, third in GAA (2.36), third in shutouts (13), and fourth in wins (86).

One on One With James Wisniewski!

Posted by on 05 Aug 2010 | Tagged as: General, Interviews, News, Trades

Last weekend, the New York Islanders traded a conditional third round draft pick to the Anaheim Ducks for James Wisniewski, a 26 year old, 5’11” 205 lbs powerhouse of a defenseman. In the press release, Garth Snow praised the young defenseman saying “We see James as a key addition to our team and we feel our fans will connect with his style of play,” and also that “He is a solid puck-moving defenseman who can bring an added element of toughness to our blue-line”.

Toughness seems to be the focus this offseason, having already added Milan Jurcina and Mark Eaton to the defense, as well as Zenon Konopka, Jeremy Yablonksi and just this week the resigning of Jon Sim to the forward corps – Wiesniewski certainly brings an extra element of toughness, just check YouTube for some highlights. But he’s not just a physical defenseman, Wisniewski had a career-high 30 points (3 goals, 27 assists) in 69 games with the Ducks last season and logged over 27 minutes a game. Should he be paired with Mark Streit, especially on the power play, they could become quite the prominent force for the Islanders.

Something else “The Wiz” brings to the organization, a winning attitude – the man spoke nothing but praise for his opportunity to be a first pairing defenseman, his desire to restore both glory to the franchise and most importantly, his desire to win. He said all the right things during his introductory interviews, and it was no different this evening with me as we had a brief one on one phone interview.

I understand that you’ve been trying to find a place here on the Island? How’s that going?

Yes, my wife and I for the last couple of days have been looking, well today I played golf but we’ve gone to a few different towns looking at different houses to get a feel for the area.

Have you experienced Long Island at all, prior to this?

No, actually I have not. This is the first time, and I tell you what – it is quite underrated. This is by far one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to.

Glad to hear that! Have you gotten a chance to check out the beaches yet?

Nope, we haven’t been down to the beaches yet – we have spent a lot of time up on the North Shore around Huntington, Oyster Bay and Old Brookville, played golf at Sebonac today so I kind of did the whole tour of the Island so it’s been quite beautiful.

I read what you had said previously on being traded to the Islanders, You’re excited to play for the Islanders, can you tell me a little bit about how you feel this opportunity is going to be?

It’s kind of what I had been through before in a way, obviously I was part of a young core with Chicago and now I am more of a veteran guy coming into a team that is on the rise and has all this skilled talent and I am really looking forward to playing a big part and a big role in the rebirth of this organzation.

How do you feel moving into the Eastern Conference, especially the very tight Atlantic Division?

I would personally have to say that this is by far the hardest division. If you look at the teams, just the grind of every game and a bunch of teams making the playoffs. Obviously we get to play these teams six times each but the travel is going to be way better though, coming from the Western Conference where you have to take a flight everywhere, except obviously LA where we would bus up there but other than that we had one flight that was an hour, mostly two and often four hours everywhere else.

I know you spent time in the Chicago organization where you got to experience the Blackhawks – Wings rivalry, are you excited about the Islanders – Rangers rivalry and have you heard anything about it from some of the other guys?

Well yea, they asked if I liked the Rangers and I said – no! [laughs] Then they all said good, and after listening to them explain there is a lot more hatred for the Rangers then there is for the Hawks and Red Wings, so I am looking forward to coming into one of top rivalries in all of sports.

Now that guys like Chris Pronger are on the East Coast, he’s given the Islanders some trouble – especially with some hits on John Tavares last season. Will you be answering for these types of hits on the younger talent on the Islanders?

I think a lot of it is, what you have to try to do, is you answer by being physical with their forwards. You have to finish all of your checks no matter who you’re playing, and you know, that’s part of my style of play is to be physical. I’ve played with Pronger when I was with Anaheim and everyone knows that’s how he is going to play, so you’ve just got to play the same way.

Garth Snow definitely changed the physical element of this team, they recently resigned Jon Sim, brought in Milan Jurcina and Mark Eaton as well as Zenon Konopka, and Jeremy Yablonski. What do you feel you add to the organization in addition to those other guys?

Well, everyone brings a little bit of size and physical play. Eaton won a cup with Pittsburgh and Jurcina was part of the Capitals resurgence, myself I think I bring an all around element that’s part of my game – I am very physical and have a lot of offensive ability and great leadership. I think a lot of the guys are going to bring different things and I think they all look forward at taking part in turning this organization around.

It sounds like you will fit into Scott Gordon’s system. Have you gotten a chance to talk to Coach at all about what he expects from you or just given you a heads up on his style of play?

Actually, I have not! I’ve not really had the chance to talk to anyone on the coaching staff. I am looking forward to playing for him though, I love his style of play, I am a big fan of his [Scott Gordon’s] he’s a very demanding coach, he expects a lot out of his players and wants high offensive players and you’ve got to be creative. It’s something I look forward to, playing in that style of play that he has.

What are some areas you feel you need to improve on personally?

Personally, I feel that everyone could work on becoming a better skater so, one thing I work on during the summertime is explosiveness. I want to be reliable to play 25-30 minutes a night because that’s the role I want to play, I want to log a lot of minutes so I want to focus on making sure that I am not tired or fatigued come the third period or throughout the season.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

Honestly, my goal is just to WIN! When you win, everyone is happy. It doesn’t matter to me personally, I just wanna help this team win and you’ll get rewarded with your personal stuff when teams win.

Do you look forward to playing with the young talent the Islanders have? Specifically in a veteran role being you’ve been through a similar situation with the Blackhawks?

Oh absolutely, I see myself as having leadership qualities so, these kids can be really fun to play with, being part of the young talent is great and obviously it will be great to give advice. It’s also interesting not knowing anybody, I think I only know two guys on the team. For me it will be a little different not knowing anyone, going to Anaheim from Chicago I knew some of guys. So only knowing two guys it will be different, but, that’s the duty about being a professional athlete, you get to make new friends. You’re usually not going to be on the same team the whole time, so it’s going to be fun to meet new guys and build some chemistry with them and the organization.

Nobody Beats the Wiz!

James Wisniewski is genuine when he says he wants to win, I’ve heard many different players say that over the years – but the passion behind his voice is different. He believes in what Garth Snow is trying to accomplish here on Long Island, he’s willing to prove his value to his new team and for the first time he will be given his chance to shine. Garth has a pretty good track record when it comes to finding diamonds in the rough, Mark Streit, Matt Moulson and Rob Schremp to name a few – so it’s not out of the question that Wisniewski could find his home here on Long Island.

It’s true what they say though, Nobody Beats the Wiz.

The Islanders will be a different team when they play Dallas during the 2010/2011 opener in a few short months, I doubt the final roster is set – but I like what Garth Snow has put together so far. Is it October yet?

Islanders Trade 95th Pick to Colorado

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The Islanders have traded their 95th pick of the fourth round to Colorado for a third round pick in 2011.

Islanders Acquire 30th Pick and Select Brock Nelson

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The New York Islanders have traded both of their second round picks (35th and 58th) to Chicago and move up to the 30th overall and select Center Brock Nelson. Just a note of interest, Kevin Connolly announced the pick at the podium.

Some info on Nelson, according to Hockey’s Future:

2009-10: Played for Warroad High School in Minnesota. In 31 games for Warroad, Nelson scored 53 goals and added 42 assists for 95 points. He finished with a +55 rating on the season. Nelson was a finalist for the Mr. Hockey Award as Minnesota’s top high school hockey player. Nelson is the nephew of former NHL player and 1980 Team USA member Dave Christian.

Nelson is committed to play for the University of North Dakota next year.

Here is a photo of Brock Nelson on the phone with Kyle Okposo, a fellow Minnesota resident.

It’s Deadline Day!

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Today is the day, the day of craziness that NHL fans have come to know and love.

Today is Trade Deadline Day, somewhat of a National holiday in the US and Canada. Teams have until 3pm Eastern today to make final roster adjustments and in the past we have seen quite a bit of movement.

I wouldn’t expect too much from Islanders General Manager Garth Smow today, although he already made his first move yesterday by trading Andy Sutton to the Senators for a second round pick.

What other players are available? Here is a short list, which is my opinion of course:

Dwayne Roloson wasn’t a lock to be moved earlier in the season, as he had signed a two year deal in July. However, solid play through this point has really increased his value to teams looking for solid veteran goaltending here for playoff stretches.

Martin Biron was considered trade bait from the second he signed with the Islanders in July. Biron hasn’t played spectacular this year, and sat in the pressbox when DiPietro returned. He could be moved to a team looking for a quality backup, seeing he is an unrestricted free agent in July.

Curiously, Sean Bergenheim was a healthy scratch last night against Chicago. Word on the street is that there was some interest for Sean recently, who hasn’t been able to live up to his potential under Scott Gordon.

Jeff Tambellini is an odd man out, used sparingly by Gordon, Jiffy Jeff has been scratched for 3/4 of the games played so far and has taken it like a pro. Another underachiever coould spark interest from another club willing to give him a shot.

Brendan Witt has been playing in Bridgeport since passing through waivers. He’s got a year left on his contract and more than $3 million remaining. If the Islanders were to bring him back up on re-entry waivers, perhaps someone may be interested in the gritty defenseman.

Jon Sim has, at least to me, worn out his usefullness on the Islanders. The return on this role player won’t be much, but with Matt Martin waiting in the wings, he is taking up a roster spot. I could see a playoff bound team bringing him on for depth.

The Islanders don’t really have the assets to be real players this deadline. A majority of their players are more valuable to them than the rest of the league, which is a bit of a problem. one big plus for Garth Snow is that he has PLENTY of cap space to play with, so if a team needs to shed salary, he can pick up a player that may not fit somewhere else.

The day has only just begun, let’s see what happens.

Stay tuned throughout the day and I will update as often as I can!

Sutton Traded to Ottawa, Kohn Recalled

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The first Islanders chip has fallen. More on this to follow!

Per an Islanders release:

The New York Islanders have traded defenseman Andy Sutton to the Ottawa Senators in exchange for a second round draft pick in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft.

The pick was originally acquired by Ottawa along with Milan Michalek and Jonathan Cheechoo from San Jose in exchange for forward Dany Heatley and Ottawa’s fifth-round draft choice in 2010 on Sept. 12, 2009.

Sutton was signed by the Islanders on August 10, 2007 as a free agent and has played on Long Island over the past three seasons. Over the course, Sutton has played in 135 games for the Islanders, scoring seven goals and 23 assists. This year, Sutton totaled four goals and eight assists for 12 points in 54 games with the Islanders.

The Islanders have recalled defenseman Dustin Kohn from the team’s American Hockey league affiliate, the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

Islanders Trade With Devils

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You know I barely paid any attention to my phone today and I missed out on the start of action, albeit a small one. The Islanders have traded forward Ben Walter and a contional pick in 2012 to the New Jersey Devils in exchange for the rights of 2006 6th round pick Tony Romano.

Just got a confusing press release from the Isles that says WE got the conditional pick:

The New York Islanders have acquired Tony Romano and a conditional pick in the 2012 National Hockey League Entry Draft from the New Jersey Devils in exchange for center Ben Walter. 

Romano played the last two seasons in the Ontario Hockey League.  The Smithtown, NY native was the leading scorer for the Peterborough Petes last season, scoring 36 goals and 33 assists for 69 points in 65 games.  The year prior, Romano skated in 66 games for the London Knights and registered 22 points (12 goals and 10 assists).  Romano was drafted in the sixth round (178th overall) of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft and played that same year for Cornell University where he totaled nine goals and 10 assists for 19 points in 29 games. 

Walter spent the last two seasons with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers where he accumulated 116 points.  He played in a total of 12 games for the Islanders during his two seasons with the organization scoring one goal. 


The New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders swung a small trade Tuesday. The Devils sent Tony Romano to the Islanders in exchange for Ben Walter and a conditional draft pick in 2012.

Walter, a former fifth-round pick of the Boston Bruins, has 22 games of NHL experience spread over four seasons, including two with the Bruins and the last two with the Islanders.

He played in four games last season while also wracking up 50 points in 65 games with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers of the American Hockey League. Walter has averaged 20 goals and nearly 56 points per season in the AHL since turning pro in 2005 after spending three seasons at UMass-Lowell.

Romano, 21, the Devils’ sixth round pick in 2006, has spent the last two seasons in the Ontario Hockey League, first with the London Knights and then with the Peterborough Petes. He had 69 points in 65 games last season with Peterborough.

Ok so Romano is a 21 year old prospect (and Smithtown, NY native) who has not played at all in the NHL just yet, not really any different then Walter and his cup-o-coffee. Romano is listed at 5’7″ and 170lbs but his offensive numbers seem to indicate he uses his lack of size well enough to get to scoring areas. I am unsure if he played with Tavares at all, but it just seems they seem to be targeting players from the same systems and organizations – for whatever that is worth. You can read more about Romano on Hockey’s Future.

Like I said, this isn’t exactly the same as the Rangers shipping Scott Gomez off to Montreal for Chris Higgins, but it’s a start. Only two more days till the free agent frenzy begins.

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