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Our System Needs a Reboot

Posted by on 08 Dec 2008 | Tagged as: Gameday, Post Game, Uncategorized

The Islanders play with a system, on some nights it works like clockwork – on other nights it looks like pandemonium or just disarray. For anyone that uses a computer that runs ANY Microsoft operating system – sometimes you just need to hit CTRL-ALT-DEL (Control – Alt – Delete) to “reboot” the system. After the showing the team put up in a home loss on Saturday and a follow up stinker tonight in Toronto – it’s about that time.

What can they do to reboot you ask? Let’s do a quick synopsis of what I saw tonight:

  • FORECHECK!!!! When it was there, the Islanders scored, when it wasn’t – well…..
  • Work on clearing the puck out of your own zone. How many times during these losses has the team tried to clear the puck but throw it up the boards to a vacant position?
  • Practice passing the puck. Too many passes to places and areas where players SHOULD be, but aren’t.
  • Going back to the first item, the BREAKOUT – it’s not an anything out on most nights. Move the puck fast and follow it up – isn’t that the entire focus of “Overspeed”?
  • How about REALLY watching some game tapes. Look at what Toronto did successfully tonight and mimic the small things. On a majority of the goals scored for them, they moved the puck beautifully. I have not seen passing from the Islanders that has blown me away or taken me back – aside from glimpses from Bailey or Weight. You have 5 players plus a goaltender – use them to move and set up plays. The last Toronto goal by Williams is a picture perfect play – and a play that I absolutely crave.
  • Stay the heck out of the penalty box. Why is Bergenheim even thinking about putting his arm on a player. Sure, whoever it was (I don’t remember) fell as if he was shot – but you just DO NOT DO THAT! There were some other penalties, but nothing really to mention specifically.
  • Shoot the puck – FASTER!!! I lost track, but Toronto must have blocked like 30 Islanders shots tonight. They closed lanes, kept shots wide and just kept pressure on the entire game.

I have faith in Gordon, this is not me sounding an alarm to get him out of here. He needs time to grow and adapt to the league in order to be completely successful – but at the same time, I don’t understand why the team just collapses like they do. When they are on, they are dead on – but the same holds true for when they are off.

On one hand, I am completely frustrated by their play. On the other – I hope they stay in the basement cellar for the rest of the season. The first round pick (very very HIGH pick) is just what this franchise needs to rebuild, no matter who says what.

Tomorrow is going to be interesting as always, Philadelphia always seems to play the Islanders hard – the biggest question is how will the Islanders respond?

Colliton Recalled as Isles Take on Sabres

Posted by on 22 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

That revolving door the Islanders use really needs some maintenance after all the use it’s getting lately. With Franz Nielsen going down to injury last night, the Islanders have recalled center Jeremy Colliton from their AHL affiliate in Bridgeport. It’s unfortunate that Nielsen was injured as he was playing some great hockey as of late and was beaming with confidence – hopefully he comes back soon.

In the meantime, I don’t even know if it’s worth dissecting last nights loss to the Devils. The team looked like they were off for a month instead of a few days. They came out flat, mentally unprepared and just unable to get anything going. The Devils were able to walk all over the team, set up in front of the MacDonald all game long and score via deflections and redirections at will. The Islanders need to recenter and find what got them fired up for Ottawa and Vancouver. Those teams were tough teams, there was no reason why they couldn’t come out of The Rock last night with two points if they continued their play.

The team faces a really tough team tonight in Buffalo, although the Sabres have struggled themselves at certain points this season as well. They have their identity again though, so the Islanders really need to come into this game with theirs – the Go-Go Gordons.

The Islanders need to set up their forecheck early, they need to send bodies to the net – just like the play when Bergenheim scored off of Sutton’s rebound. They need to jump all over loose pucks and go to the net – “Skate, Skate, Skate” like Weight says. Lastly, the defenders need to clear the crease out for MacDonald. Allow him to see everything and keep the opposition from getting sticks on shots or even off the defenders skates.

It sure would be nice to come out of this road trip with a few points, hopefully they can do something tonight. I won’t be around to watch the game though as I will be at the Beer Expo at Nassau Coliseum. I will follow the game as much as possible via the live tracker – I may comment from time to time on the post, should be a good night.

Live Tracker

Afternoon Uncertainty

Posted by on 11 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

An afternoon game? That was my initial thought when I peered over my calendar. I knew I would be home from my trip to Vegas and I also knew it would be Veterans day, but I wasn’t sure if I had the day off. I do not.

As a season ticket holder and member of the Blog Box, I dislike missing many games. During the past week I sat out missed three so missing today hurts a bit. I am going to try my hardest to get to the game, even if I have to go in work clothes. I even started at 7am today so I would be done at three instead of four. It would make cutting out of work early more pallateable to my office.

That is just one instance of uncertainty.

What else is uncertain? The status of several Islanders players for this afternoons game against the Flyers.

Josh Bailey has been “activated” by the club, but nobody knows if he will play or be sent down to the Bridge for some conditioning (3 games max). Going back to the 3rd jersey intro last month – my conversations with Josh were great. I felt for the guy because not only was he all alone at the hotel (everyone else got apartments or condos) but he did not have a car so he felt trapped. At least one of his problems will soon be solved – he will be back to playing, something he longed for. Good for you kid, I cannot wait to see your debut whether it’s Bridgeport or the Isles!

Mike Comrie also may or may not be playing today – he wanted to get his recently repaired hip “checked out”. Whether or not this means Comrie has been playing through discomfort or not is unknown, but I don’t think it gives him a full pardon on not producing – but it may (who knows about him anymore).

Radek Martinek aka Glass Man, has also been cleared for full practices – but the team has not really said if he is going to dress or not today. Having Marty back on the ice would be great – but this is a guy who can sneeze wrong and reinjure himself. I would prefer he works a bit more so he can at least attempt to make it through the remainder of the season, well at least the first half.

The last bit of uncertainty, the little matter of the Islanders blowing leads in the third period. Will they step up their effort today and battle a full 60 minutes? I guess we will find out a whole lot in the next few hours, won’t we?

Islanders at Rangers!

Posted by on 04 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

Sorry folks, not really going to be able to catch much of the game tonight as it is the first day of the 2008 SEMA show. I will be watching the live tracker and checking in from time to time.

The team honestly did not deserve to win last night, but now they need to build on the game and work the full 60 minutes. I wasn’t expecting Hitchcock to sit by going into the third and not fire up his team, they came out ready to win and almost succeeded in doing so.

The Rangers are going to be tough, given their similar collapse against Toronto the other night – it is definitely going to be a fun game to watch – wish I could.

Live Tracker!

Exclusive Islanders 3rd Jersey Photos!

Posted by on 27 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: Uncategorized

Just got done downstairs at the Islanders business club event, where they unveiled the new 3rd jersey to debut at home next Saturday November 1st. As promised, I got out of work early to get downstairs and scoop some photos that we have spoken about since early July!

Mind you these are only a few of the pictures I took – there will be more uploaded when I get home!!

Here they are: