Islesblogger to Contribute to Lighthouse Hockey!

Boy do I have some exciting news! A few nights ago I received an email from James Mirtle over at From The Rink on SBN asking if I would like to contribute to Dominik Jansky’s Islanders blog Lighthouse Hockey. Apparently… Continue Reading


Nolan Fallout: Overreaction?

These days, it seems no matter what the Islanders do there is a bit of overreaction involved. Be it the media, analysts, fans, or bloggers; the reactions are similar. As a life long fan of this franchise, it’s easy to… Continue Reading


Dipietro’s Season – GAME OVER!

If anyone has watched goaltender Rick DiPietro as close as I have since the infamous All-Star F-Bomb, the news last night that DiPietro’s season is over due to his second consecutive hip surgery isn’t all too surprising. Thankfully, the surgically… Continue Reading


Stomp Gate

You know, no matter how hard I have tried to stay uninvolved from the Chris Pronger discussions – I can’t now that the league has handed down their decision on his “punishment”. There are so many different opinions on this… Continue Reading