In And Outs: The Islanders Revolving Door

Every now and then one or two (or in the Islanders case SEVEN) of your players will go down to injury. Luckily, the Islanders are fortunate enough to have their minor league affiliate an hours drive away. With rookie Kyle… Continue Reading


The Undisclosed Injury Report

I figured, since the Islanders do not want to disclose any injuries – it would be fitting to get an “Undisclosed Injury Report” out there. If you haven’t already heard, the Islanders would not confirm last night that DiPietro suffered… Continue Reading


Foolishness – The NHL Injury Policy

I have been putting together notes on the NHL injury policy for about a week or so, I decided to finally sit down and put up a post because Ken over at Islanders Outsider brought up some interesting points, but… Continue Reading


Isles Top Boston and Updates

Hockey is back baby and so is my gallery! It took me countless hours to work out all the stupid errors, hopefully I never have to move to a new server – but at least next time I know a… Continue Reading


Brandon Sugden Coming to Camp, Afterall

This has been an interesting story for the past few weeks, and it’s nice to see it ended on a positive note for a change. I had heard rumblings of what some would consider a “prize fighter” type enforcer named… Continue Reading


Quick Hits

I’ve been pretty busy as of late, I have been wanting to post some updates on the latest developments from the past week. Thankfully, some of my esteemed fellow Blog Boxers are on the job keeping everyone out there in… Continue Reading


5 Things Gordon Needs to Change

I am a regular reader of Greg Wyshynski’s blog – Puck Daddy and Greg has been polling various bloggers and media types on 5 things they would change in the NHL. Feeling inspired, I wanted to list 5 things that… Continue Reading


Islanders After Hossa?

It’s Eklund, so take it for what it’s worth: “Source: Isles putting together “mega offer for Hossa”” – Eklund This Isles fan wouldn’t be surprised if Hossa was part of the plan all along and Charles gave the go ahead… Continue Reading


Weights and Measures

Alright, excuse my attempt at a witty title. I try to avoid posting crazy rumors and speculation, but I will always post something when I feel it it has somewhat of a credible substance. Why post anything about Doug Weight… Continue Reading