Nino: Should He Stay or Should He Go?

It never fails, I have said this a bunch of times – life tends to get in the way of blogging. A half of dozen times over the last week plus since I last wrote – I actually half wrote… Continue Reading


Montreal at Islanders: Live Blog

T-Minus two. Yep, this is the second to last home game of the season – a season unlike last year in terms of injury and countless streaks of ineffectiveness. Instead, the Islanders have been entertaining to watch, sometimes dominating teams… Continue Reading


Montreal Part Deux – Almost Got It

I don’t know if everyone else saw the game last night, but it was – how do you say, more of the same. Or was it? If you wish to read my ridiculously bleak and furious tone during the game,… Continue Reading


Okposo’s Nets OT Winner in Montreal!

What a game! Kyle Okposo just scored his fourth goal in four games for the second time this season to defeat the Montreal Canadiens 3-2 in overtime. It was Okposo’s 16th goal of the season. No matter the outcome, I… Continue Reading