Islanders Trade 26th, Move Up to 16th

The Islanders have just traded the 26th overall draft pick, 37th, 62nd and the 92nd to Columbus for the 16th overall and the 72nd pick. Picks now in the fold (updated follwing De Haan trade): (Round 1) 1st Overall (John… Continue Reading


Islanders Select: John Tavares!!!

We’ll call this a semi live blog. The NHL just made all the people responsible for making the selections introduce themselves, as you may have heard live on TV. Now, they are thanking Detroit and Pittsburgh for their great play… Continue Reading


Now THAT is a Scoreboard!

The Bell Center has the most outrageous scoreboard. I had to snap a picture, it’s massive and in High Def


Inside the Arena, But…

Ok, so we are all here sitting in the arena. Seems there was really next to no follow up to the planning on the Islanders part. We knew sitting in the media risers would be next to impossible. We have… Continue Reading


Live From Montreal!

The bloggers have landed, I repeat – the bloggers have landed. Tom Liodice of The Tiger Track, Doug Davidson of Isles Official’s Outlook and Ken Dick of TavaresOkposo Netare here beside me. As of right now, we are all feverishly… Continue Reading


Tavares Adds Insight on Snow’s Comments

I try not to read between the lines sometimes, honestly I do. This little blurb today comes from an interview with John Tavares on Greg Logan’s blog today. I will use it in reference to Garth Snow being quoted as… Continue Reading


Islesblogger’s Draft Wish: John Tavares

It’s that time of year again. I’ve been bad at pumping up the draft this time around – especially because I WILL BE THERE again. Well, we all know how my draft wish ended up last time around, hopefully this… Continue Reading


Garth Snow on XM’s NHL Live Today

In case you missed it, New York Islanders general manager Garth Snow was a special guest on NHL Live on XM Radio this afternoon hosted by Deb Placey and Billy Jaffe. You can listen to the interview online – which… Continue Reading


O’Byrne’s Own Goal

This poor kid in Montreal tonight, it’s bad enough he scored on his own empty net during a delayed Islanders penalty (with about 4 minutes remaining in a 3-2 game) in which the Isles would go on to win 4-3… Continue Reading


Islanders Visit Habs, New Lines

I guess head coach Ted Nolan wasn’t kidding when he said he thought there needed to be a bunch of changes in order to spark something from his team. The Islanders practiced this morning with a brand new look according… Continue Reading