Quick Hits: Shutdown by Brodeur

I started this post yesterday, never had the chance to get it posted. I know it’s almost irrelevant now that it’s two days old! Here it is anyway. Hockey was definately back last night, but the Devils were certainly the… Continue Reading


Offensive Defensemen

With head coach Scott Gordon teaching his overspeed technique and the Islanders being successful against Boston two nights ago – you wonder if we will see increased production from the back end. You know there are defensemen on the team… Continue Reading


McCabe’s Agent: Rumor Denied!

Well, can’t really say I am surprised by this denial. I am somewhat relieved that the madness surrounding McCabe has been stomped out once again because I really want the Islanders to draft Nikita Filatov. At least for now the… Continue Reading


McCabe Plus #7 for Isles #5?

Another hot rumor this morning! OTTAWA — If often-criticized defenceman Bryan McCabe is a potential victim of the imminent Maple Leafs housecleaning as is expected, it likely will not come via the buyout route. That was the word yesterday from… Continue Reading


The Deal That Wasn’t

Howdy ya’ll! You know it’s funny sometimes, I was just talking with Tom Liodice on AIM on how tonight was going to be a night off from posting – yet here I am feverishly typing away. I will make this… Continue Reading


Islesblogger Trade Deadline Special!

New Content Below This Post! I have a great announcement that I have been wanting to talk about since Monday, although I have touched upon it in a few of my recent posts already so it’s not entirely a surprise.… Continue Reading