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I am constantly getting ideas from other sites that I frequent or from friends who suggest things. I have always liked the idea of using an RSS reader to subscribe to a sites feed, this way I can see when it gets updated. One of my toolbars in Internet Explorer has a feed to the automotive sites I write for – which shows me recent posts. Firefox has a ton of popular extensions that allow you to view RSS updates in the toolbar. Give them a try: RSS Extensions for Firefox. The only downside, not everyone knows what RSS is or why they should use it.

One thing I ran across today, the ability to offer updates via e-mail. After some tinkering, I added this option to the site.

You can access the sign-up, which is through Feedburner – through the "Subscribe" button on the navbar, or by choosing the Subscribe Via E-Mail link in the drop down.

Just wanted to offer another great way to follow the site – even if you can't get to the computer to check for updates!

Michael Schuerlein

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